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State of The Blogosphere in 2010

For years already the tradition is that Technorati analyses the State of The Blogosphere and comes with valuable info around the size of the blogosphere, cost and revenue. This year though our colleagues over at The Blog Herald went ahead and analysed many different details about the actual blogosphere, such as size, demographical spread, revenue, largest blogs and blogging platforms and most popular languages. The result was another amazing infographic created by the team of Infographiclabs.

Below a teaser image for you, click through to view the complete State of The Blogosphere in 2010 infographic.

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Twitter Statistics: Twitter vs. Facebook – Awareness, Popularity and Demographics

The colleagues over at the Blog Herald sat down and gathered some interesting data about Twitter usage and demographics, putting these against Facebook statistics. The result is an amazing infographic with lots of interesting data.

Here at The Blog Herald we wondered How did Twitter grow that much? and Where do those Tweets come from?

The results are rather surprising and we learned that the top three tweeting cities in the US (Los Angeles, New York and San Francisco) averagely tweet less in one minute than when basketball fans and football/soccer fans go crazy and start updating the world in 140 characters maximum.

To see the complete infographic, you’ll have to head over to The Blog Herald: The Meteoric Rise of Twitter. Here’s a teaser already.

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