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The 5 Worst Mistakes When Linking Back to Your Blog


Blog links help increase your audience and produce plenty of results. That doesn’t mean they are easy to manage.

Effectively linking back to your blog and posting links to your best posts can prove challenging, particularly if you are short on time or don’t have much experience in sharing your blog with others. Mistakes can hamper your success and alienate people who might have otherwise become loyal readers.

To avoid missed opportunities, you should try to dodge these five common linking errors. Read More

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3 Unique Blog Link Building Techniques

Linking to your website, from another site is the natural way in which the Internet is connected. When you think about it, regardless of where you start and where you end up, some sort of hyperlink brought you there and no doubt they will serve as a medium when departing the webpage.

There are many ways you can build links to your site. Ones we all know include:

  • Commenting on relevant and niche blogs
  • Writing articles for article directories
  • Adding your site to web directories
  • Commenting on forum posts

All of these methods provide reasonable links back to your site, but many of these will be from sites that neglect to offer you a ‘follow’ link, are not accepted or don’t include your key phrase/word amongst others factors that may reduce the SEO benefit to your site when compared with a link containing your key phrase on a respected site that is ‘dofollow.’

Many of the above tactics have worked over the years very successfully, however it is evident that the value that some of them offer to the Internet community as a whole is negligible. Read More

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