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Ghost: The New Kid on the Blogging Block


Since blogging became popular on the internet over a decade ago, there’s been no end to blogging platforms to help us get our message across to our readers. In recent years though, there’s been a clear favorite and that’s been WordPress. It’s not hard to see why it’s been the favorite for so long, after all it’s incredibly easy to use and extremely flexible thanks to the myriad of plugins available. While WordPress offers everyone a way to blog, it’s not perfect and it hasn’t really changed much either. It’s offered the same set of features for years now. Familiarity is great, but when it starts to kill your buzz you know it’s time for a change. Read More

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Web-Based Blog Publishing With Squarespace

I’ve been a Squarespace fan since 2007.  And before you jump on me and start singing the praises of that other Web-based blog platform, all I’m asking for is a chance.  I want to show you how I built a successful blog with Squarespace, and that sometimes, paying a few dollars is worth the convenience.

What got me started was the no-risk trial that allowed me to set up a blog without shelling out a single penny – not even a credit card number.  It’s a great business strategy, because after tweaking your blog to look the way you’d like, why bother going elsewhere? Well done, Squarespace! But all kidding aside, any company that allows you take a product for a full test drive without any commitment, clearly believes in its goods.

What sets Squarespace apart is that it’s so simple, that even your grandmother can start that crocheting website she’s always talking about!  And if you feel so inclined, you can dive into the CSS and customize as many elements as you like.  That’s the beauty of Squarespace, it’s the perfect solution for people at all tech levels. Read More

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