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How to Blog on Company Time…Without Breaking the Rules

Being an upstanding citizen, we know you would never “steal” your employer’s time. Like ‘em or not though, these are the folks who help put a roof over your head and put food in your belly. Therefore, their time deserves to be respected. But that doesn’t mean you can’t allow your blogging obsession to trickle into your work day.

Lunch Hour. A recent CareerBuilder survey revealed that 32 percent of workers take less than a half hour for lunch. Huh!? Start using YOUR time, people! Here are 6 Rules to Successful Lunch-Time Blogging. This time is best used to nourish your body and re-claim your equanimity from a hectic day. However, if you can find the time, this is a phenomenal time to get ahead of your blogging work. I recommend structuring your time (i.e. – spend the last 15 minutes on blogging) because bloggers love routine. Read More

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Why Your Blog Needs a Comment Policy – NOW!

There will  come a day when a comment lands in your moderation queue that you don’t want to publish.  Of course, it’s your blog, and you have complete control over what you do and do not publish on it.  However, if you’re trying to develop a popular and successful blog, then simply deleting every comment that offers an opinion which differs from your own is a mistake.

The best blogs allow open conversations and encourage visitors to voice their opinions.  However, that doesn’t mean your blog should be a free-for-all where anyone can say anything they want and you’ll publish it.  Instead, you need to use your best judgment to edit or delete comments that detract from the user experience on your blog.

There is just one big problem.  You don’t want to be accused of controlling the conversation on your blog, and that’s where having a Blog Comment Policy is essential. Read More

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