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Blogging Without Resorting to Yet Another “10 Best” List

Egads! Nowhere is safe it seems. . . .

Even the literary-pretentious New Yorker has seen fit to publish one of those droning lists article: “10 Best Cars, of 2010,” “Five Best Places to take a First Date in New York,“  “Five Best Church Chapels for a Wedding,” etc. (John Updike and other renowned New Yorker contributors may be spinning as I type.)

All these easy-to-toss-off – and equally easy-to-pass-over – “Ten Best” list articles can leave a blog looking like the inside of a spam sandwich. Or, worse, like one of the breakfast entrées from Monty Python’s famous “Spam, spam, spam, spam!” skit.

Adam Gopnick, writing for the New Yorker ‘s NewsDesk blog is cognizant of the effect produced by the overuse of the “Ten Best” format.  He starts his article, “Five Fine Moments,” with the following disclaimer:

I am personally wary, not to say disapproving, of “Ten Best” lists and the like, partly because I find them tendentious, but mostly because I find them deeply depressing, a reminder of time passing, matched by an effort to pretend that the time came in a neat package of quanta—these movies or books—rather than in its actual messy, decade-bending, sequence of shadings. But many nice things happened this year, mostly in sports, so here, in praise, are a few . . . .

Yet, self-mockingly, he tosses out his four favorite sports moments from 2010 and, as a sop to New Yorker readers, a reference to Nabakov’s “Pale Fire.” Read More

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