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Top 3 Items Your Blog Should Have in the Sidebar

blog side bar

Blogs are an essential element of social media and content marketing, conveying messages to targeted consumers.  Blogs address several purposes for any brand, including driving traffic to the brand, answering consumer questions, and offering information on how to purchase sought services and products.

What’s the intention of the next visitor to your blog?  You can leverage metrics to gain a better understanding, but brands can’t exactly predict consumer behavior yet may prepare for on-site visits to the blog.

There are a number of sidebar widgets available to blog owners.  Widgets allow readers access to other posts, sign up for newsletters, follow brands on other social media networks and more.  What should your sidebar feature? Read More

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What’s in Your Sidebar?

I was watching TV and saw one of those commercials for Capital One with the well-known tagline, “What’s in your wallet?” and in my head, it turned into, “What’s in your sidebar?”  Sometimes the strangest things can spark an idea for a blog post!

Of course, talking about what’s in bloggers’ sidebars isn’t a new topic, but perhaps because I was watching TV, the next thing I thought of after seeing the Capital One commercial was that Seinfeld episode where George couldn’t bear to part with anything in his wallet until it became so huge that he hurt his back carrying it around and sitting on it, and finally, it exploded.

So you’re probably wondering, “How does this relate to blogging?”  Here you go… Read More

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