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Is Your Blog Platform Recession Proof?

Unless you are a super geek who is able to roll their own code, most bloggers (both amateurs and professionals) depend upon software (like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, etc.) or a platform (like Blogger, Typepad, OnSugar,etc.) in order to communicate their thoughts to the world.

Although you can problog upon any platform (yes, even upon Tumblr folks!), probloggers should always pick a software or service that is “recession proof” or one that has the potential to survive a recession (or even a great depression).

Regardless of whether you have been blogging using a specific platform for years or are just starting out on a new one afresh, you should always ask these questions before you type your first letter on your future digital home. Read More

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How To Make Your Blog Mobile Friendly

While many bloggers are quick to make their sites compatible across various internet browsers, only a small fraction are making their sites viewable upon mobile devices (both for smart phones and feature phones).

Although many smartphones today are equipped with “full featured” browsers, users may loathe reading your site on a tiny screen (which could translate into them visiting your rival).

Whether you host your site upon your own server or use an inexpensive platform, here are a few ways bloggers can make their site mobile friendly (at least upon WordPress, Movable Type, Blogger and Live Journal). Read More

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Christmas Comes Early: Purchase BlogPress And Get Byline For Free? (iPhone Apps)


It looks as if Byline (a popular iPhone app for Google Reader) and BlogPress (the unofficial iPhone app for Blogger) are teaming up for the holidays by offering users the chance to download one of their respective apps for free after purchasing the other application on iTunes. Read More

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TypePad iPhone App: What’s Up With All The Hate?

Hate! Loathe! Whine! Spit!

That’s the first impression I received after browsing through the reviews of Six Apart’s iPhone App on iTunes.

While many were upset that a TypePad account would cost them 495 pennies a month, others seemed upset that this app would not work on Movable Type (or even Vox) despite the obvious indication that this is a TypePad only app. Read More

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