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Cleeng Helping WordPress Fans Make Money Beyond Ads?

Cleeng (which we reviewed in December) has recently exited their private beta and is now available for the WordPress masses to try out.

Perhaps best described as an “iTunes for blog content” service, Cleeng allows bloggers to hide part of their content online which users can unlock by paying an inexpensive fee (between $0.15 USD and $0.99 USD per article).

Although similar in many ways to a traditional pay wall, Cleeng allows bloggers to monetize their content without sacrificing ad revenue, providing WordPress fans with another alternative to monetize their sites (as explained in the video below). Read More

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Bloggers Make Money Charging for Content: Interview With MediaPass CEO Matt Mitchell

MediaPass is service that allows bloggers to choose price points and subscription terms for their content. Taking only mere minutes to implement and helpful support staff available to assist, I decided I needed to get more information from MediaPass CEO Matt Mitchell.

Q: Many bloggers discover that selling banners and links is not the best way to generate revenue. What type of blogger is the best fit to cash in on the MediaPass business model?

A: This may sound odd but the answer is most. Yes, some blogs (e.g. finance, parenting, cooking, medical, science, health, fitness etc…) convert better than others but even the lower converting blog’s subscription pages still far out monetize purely ad-based sites. Take for instance a blog that converts 0.5% of their users that arrive on one of their subscription pages. Our average subscriber spends about $60 with renewals. That means that the effective CPM on those pages is $300, many fold over the ad rates any blog is getting. Read More

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