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5 Easy to Implement Ways to Make Money From Your Blog

Blogs make up a huge part of the internet world. Tons of people currently run blogs, whether they be for personal or professional reasons. A lot of businesses maintain blogs to keep their current and prospective consumers up to date on current operations within the business. Blogs are so versatile that many people have discovered ways to make money off simply writing and maintaining blogs. It can be a relatively easy process, as long as you can keep track of your activity.

Try any of these tools to help you start making money off your blog.  These are basics for blogging beginners like me!

A) Google Adsense

Selling advertising space on your blog is the biggest and most common way to make money off your blog. With Google’s Adsense service, you can have at most three ad units, which display no more than four ads each. The best part about Adsense is that the ad content matches the content of your blog. So if your blog does restaurant reviews, then restaurant-related ads will appear.

Each time a reader clicks on the ad, you will receive a set price per click. Adsense also allows you to track how much you’re making through a personalized report page. Read More

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6 Essential SEO Tools That Will Make You Rank

Let’s talk about a topic that most SEO’s have in common – SEO tools. There are plenty out there that you can use to guide you during your SEO campaign and everyone has their own preference when deciding what to use, depending on what kind of results they want to achieve. Here’s a list of some of my favorites as they have yielded the best results for me at my seo company in South Africa.


After trying a number of methods to keep track of link building efforts, with all the emails, link partners, linking prospects and more, I found a great tool called Buzzstream. In Buzzstream, all information about a link partner is recorded which means it’s as simple as bookmarking a site for future reference. All the details about a possible link partner will be saved, from email addresses and pages you want to link from to domain page rankings and loads of other stats. When adding them, you can specify what kind of link you are trying to get on that particular site as well, making it even easier to manage when the time comes to request these links. A must for any link builder!

Webmaster Tools

Webmaster Tools is maybe one of the longest lasting and most vital tools around. Not only does it give you the best advice when doing onsite optimization for your website, it will also show you different aspects of the site, including where you have duplicate title tags and Meta descriptions. While these are probably the simplest things to use Webmaster Tools for, other more complex things like malware and 500 server errors are also viewable from here. Read More

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