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5 Options for Finding Your Voice for Blog Posts


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If you’re looking to attract and keep an audience on your blog, you’re going to need to post consistently. That’s not just in how often you post, though you should come up with a cadence that works around your schedule. The other half of this equation though is what voice and value you bring to readers. After you pick a subject matter to cover — food, finance, biology, etc. — determine in which style you will write. Pick one that makes you comfortable and casual and will elevate the conversation.

I’ve written for many different sites and through all kinds of voices. I’ve read thousands of other posts, too. These are the five styles that stand out as the most viable and most compelling blog voice options to choose from: Read More

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Say it Loud! How to Have a Big Blog Voice

Something many people struggle with is voice. There are lots of good blogs with strong design and good content, but have trouble standing out because they lack voice – any type of verbose, attractive vocabulary that makes people stop and take notice of their work.

So, how do you do it? What differentiates you from the loud and proud Gary Vaynerchuk or anyone else with a bold voice? Believe it or not – not that much!

This is not public speaking

The biggest problem people have is fear of failure. So, they don’t stand out with their opinions or riff off with willingness to be wrong. Somehow, it’s deep inside their membranes that every time they write a blog post, 10,000 people will show up outside their house and start booing. The incredible thing about blogging is that that’s pretty much impossible. The people who read you are generally fans, and they all read you one at a time. Read More

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