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Apps to Make Your Blog Writing Suck Less


There are lots of things to worry about when writing on your blog.

You need to write your idea into sentences and paragraphs, each of which will transition into other ideas to form a cohesive whole.

You will also have to take into account what your readers want so they can keep visiting your blog.

But at the very core of good blog writing is correct grammar, spelling, and use of punctuation, not to mention unique content. Worry about these first and everything else will follow.

If you need help with writing error-free posts for your blog, use the tools listed below.

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New Lessons in Creating Unforgettable Content

New Lessons in Creating Unforgettable Content (via

 By Tina Courtney-Brown in Featured Looking at today’s mass media can be a depressing. We live in an age when CNN makes Miley Cyrus’ twerking a cover story. Sites like Buzzfeed flourish by publishing “articles” such as 24 Inspiring Photos of…

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How to Create an Idea Dashboard to Track Your Favorite Content Ideas

How to Create an Idea Dashboard to Track Your Favorite Content Ideas (via

Content marketing productivity involves more than just creating great content, it also involves tracking and applying the good ideas you find in the blog posts you read each week. Each week, for example, you encounter a staggering amount of information…

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5 New Year’s Resolutions for a Better Blog

Fireworks ImageIt’s getting to be that time of year: The holidays are done, the calendar is preparing to roll over to a new year and everyone is looking for a fresh start. Even if 2011 was a great year, upon reflection, there is always room for improvement and the New Year, though really just another date, is a powerful moment psychologically and a great chance to start.

So, whether, you’re looking to get in shape, save money or start a new hobby with the new year, you may want to look at adding a few resolutions aimed at helping you grow your blog and online presence.

Best of all, these are resolutions that are simple and easy to keep, meaning that they may stick around long after you’ve abandoned some of you other well-intended changes.

So, if you’re looking for easy ways to improve your site in 2012, here are just a few suggestions you can commit to right now. Read More

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Creating Consistency On Your Blog With Persistent “Focused Content”

Content Is KingWhile a blogger should always provide new and exciting types of content to keep their returning and new visitors entertained and informed there is something to be said about create certain “types” of content that can be revisited in new and exciting ways.

One of the easiest ways to quickly develop content with a common unifying theme is through persistent “focused content.”

Defining Persistent Focused Content

So what exactly is persistent focus content, in it’s most basic of terms it refers to repeating post types used at consistent times. For example a blogger might run a website where “hot topics” are sometimes discussed, such as a parenting website, in that case “Hot Topic Tuesday” would be a persistent focused content option in which the blogger consistently creates a hot topic post on Tuesdays. Read More

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Blog Co-Writing With a Stranger: Stressful Yet Exhilarating

When seeking to build a name for yourself as a blogger you’ll entertain all kinds of ideas. Should you go the extreme shock jock route to grab attention or be true to your inner voice and build an audience slow and steadily? Should you seek publicity through a media stunt or play the waiting game that comes from writing quality material?

These were questions I asked myself when I first sat down to write my blog. I was prepared to look every which way for opportunities as I wanted to build an identity and carve myself an audience from the noise. What I was not prepared for was the thrill, excitement, anger and downright abuse which came my way when I hit upon the idea of co-writing with a prolific blogger and complete stranger. Read More

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How Long Should My Blog Posts Be?

How long should my blog posts be?  I’m asked this question all the time, and I always give the same answer.  It’s up to you.

I’m not trying to be vague with that answer, but your blog is your little place on the web and the honest answer to this question is that it’s entirely up to you to decide what you want to publish on it.  However, if you want your blog to grow and have a chance at being well-trafficked and popular, then there are some general guidelines that you should keep in mind as you write your blog posts.

First, blog posts are typically written in a more conversational, casual tone than articles, newsletters, websites, and so on.  Just as you wouldn’t want to drone on and on during a verbal conversation, you don’t want to bore your readers with what many bloggers refer to as bloggorhea (i.e., the blogging version of verbal vomit).

Second, people who consume content online usually prefer to digest small snippets of content that they can read and respond to quickly.  Save the lengthy paragraphs and pages and pages of the written word for a white paper or research report.  Keep your blog posts short and sweet.

Third, too much scrolling is never a good thing online, and that applies to the length of your blog posts, too.

So how long should your blog posts be?

Again, it’s up to you and depends on your goals for your blog.  If you want your blog to have a chance of attracting and retaining a sizable audience, then keep your blog posts succinct.  Lengthy posts can be broken into a series or edited to a blog-friendly word count.

While there is no magic number for blog post word counts, I’d recommend keeping your posts under 600 words.  In fact, if you can keep them under 500 words, that’s even better!  It’s important to write at least 250 words or so for search engine optimization purposes, so don’t write posts that are excessively short.  However, if your post is over 800 words, shorten it or break it up into multiple posts.

For example, this post is just over 400 words, but I’ve made my point.  There is no need to bore you with more details.

Bottom-line, don’t try to communicate too many ideas in a single blog post if doing so makes your post lengthy.  A focused blog (like a focused brand) is a stronger blog.  The same theory holds true for blog posts.  Focus is better than trying to be all things or do all things for all readers.

What do you think?  How many words are too many for a blog post?

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