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Show Your Blogging Face?

Everywhere I go, I see Joe Purschke’s face. Who is Joe Purschke? Well he’s my mortgage broker. But I knew him long before I met him. That’s because Joe uses his face on every ad. From highway billboards to refrigerator magnets – I can pick Joe out of a lineup better than I can identify some members of my family.

Seeing Joe everywhere got me thinking…why do some business types rely on “face” marketing while others don’t? And should bloggers be plastering their author picture next to every article they write?

Actors rely on headshots to land a gig. That makes perfect sense; it is an industry driven by appearance. But when it comes to explaining Private Mortgage Insurance, why on earth do I care what Joe the broker looks? If you write an entertaining blog post should it matter that I can attach a face to the words? Read More

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