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How to Conquer Your Fear of Failure in Blogging

The only thing we have to fear is fear itself—nameless, unreasoning, unjustified terror which paralyzes needed efforts to convert retreat into advance.” Thus said Franklin D. Roosevelt in his 1932 presidential election campaign speech. Powerful words indeed. They shed light to the fact that we oftentimes give in to our natural reflexes and responses without ever truly thinking about the effect of the particular emotion.

blogging fear

Fear is a destructive force and those who succumb to it are defeated before the task or battle has begun. Now the most damaging effect of fear is that we either never embark on our mission, or procrastinate towards stagnation. So it is also with blogging, online marketing and every other business venture or task we take on. Our fears of rejection, failure and even success, cripple us and leave us down the road with feelings of “what if” rather than the satisfaction of “been there, done that.

There’s a lot of discussion about the failure of a majority of bloggers and the techniques and principles one should employ to guarantee success. Methods ranging from blog publishing frequencywhich platforms to use, creating original content, using beautiful themes and templates, etc. All of these are wonderful but there are many mental and emotional concepts and approaches which lead many to success and the lack thereof, to failure.

It is true that succumbing to fear is what ultimately leads to failure, since it prevents you from doing what you should do in the first place to attain victory. Therefore, let’s look at the various ways you can overcome fear and reset your attitude towards blogging.

Causes of Fear of Failure in Blogging

We all  have different belief systems and measure and model our success based on what we see around us. Many bloggers are measuring success based on what the big money making bloggers are doing. Thus comparing oneself with another. The act of comparing is unhealthy because you can never be someone else or have their success. You have to realistically find your own voice, your own niche that makes your heart sing and direct your own path with its own key performance indicators. Begin with a blank slate and set targets and goals within your limits. Be honest with yourself. It is not impossible but highly unlikely that you will make $2,000 in your first month of blogging. Don’t set that goal and disappoint yourself on day 31. However. that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be ambitious but at the same time be real with your objectives and timelines.

So what ignites your fear? Ask yourself what you’re afraid of and mark them off as irrelevant, nonexistent and inconsequential because none of it really matters.

Fear Can be a Creeper

Fear creeps up and manifests in many ways you may not realize, and is closely related to procrastination as you create and find reasons to not do everything you must. Are you delaying writing that ultimate guide idea you’ve had for a while? Are you doubting your ability to blog in a particular niche? Does everything you decide to do somehow get sabotaged by your lack of prudence or attention? Does everything have to perfect and you thus proudly call yourself a perfectionist? Fear may be the source of your misfortunes disguised otherwise. Be honest with yourself, stop procrastinating and get the small tasks done today and everyday.

Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither will your blog be.

Failure is Merely a Matter of Perspective

The great thing about perspective is that it can be whatever you want it to be. Why is it that some achieve great feats while others don’t? Even though we’re all humans and blessed with pretty much the same basic features and characteristics. It’s because one person believes he can and eventually will, while the other does not. If you’ve been blogging for more than a couple of years and you’re just not seeing the results you want, it doesn’t mean you’ve failed you just may need to try something new.

fear of failure

If you accept it as failure then you’re saying that your experience was worthless and you haven’t learned anything. So you quit. That is not true. Over the course of 2 years of blogging I’m certain you have learned a lot about writing, web technology, marketing, promotion, engagement tactics and so much more. You’re better and more equipped than when you first started. That is powerful and that’s 2 years of experience blogging that many others do not have.

Use your previous attempts at blogging success as learning experiences that were useful for sharpening your writing and marketing skills. Document what you’ve learned, create a new game plan and execute once again. Whether it’s through relaunching your blog or creating a new one. Remember you’re smarter now and success is much closer than what it previously was. Failure is not the opposite of success, it is a part of success.

Overcoming the Fear of Failure

Fear is a natural emotion and there’s no getting rid of it, regardless of how experienced we ever become. There will always be challenges greater than us and that’s all part of living. If you have no challenges in blogging then you’re not going for a big enough goal. Take note of your response to fear; it should be a validation that you’re embarking on something that will help you grow rather than viewing it as something that will destroy you.

On the road to overcoming, here’s what you should do:

Analyze all potential outcomes - Many experience fear of failure because of the unknown. Rid yourself of this by considering all the possible outcomes of the tasks you have before you. Success is one of the possibilities!

Think only on positives - Reject negative discussions and visualize your desired victory and who you will become.

Address the worst case scenario – What is the worst that could happen if you somehow miss your mark of blogging success as you envisioned it? Seriously! You have nothing to lose. Be aware of that.

Have a contingency plan – We can only do so much with the 24 hour days we have. Create a Plan B. This offers comfort in knowing that there’s always other possibilities and techniques to try.

Set small, daily, attainable goals - Your fear of failure can be conquered over time as you learn how to win daily. If your objective is to write 30 blog posts per month, then focus solely on each day’s task. Tomorrow will take care of itself, today alone exists and is everything.


A little milk is going to be spilled occasionally throughout your blogging journey. You will make mistakes. However, there is no finality in whatever you do wrong. It’s an opportunity to use what you’ve learned to be a better blogger. Let your fear fuel a courageous success you can be proud of. Create your own blogging story worth sharing.

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Blogging Without Resorting to Yet Another “10 Best” List

Egads! Nowhere is safe it seems. . . .

Even the literary-pretentious New Yorker has seen fit to publish one of those droning lists article: “10 Best Cars, of 2010,” “Five Best Places to take a First Date in New York,“  “Five Best Church Chapels for a Wedding,” etc. (John Updike and other renowned New Yorker contributors may be spinning as I type.)

All these easy-to-toss-off – and equally easy-to-pass-over – “Ten Best” list articles can leave a blog looking like the inside of a spam sandwich. Or, worse, like one of the breakfast entrées from Monty Python’s famous “Spam, spam, spam, spam!” skit.

Adam Gopnick, writing for the New Yorker ‘s NewsDesk blog is cognizant of the effect produced by the overuse of the “Ten Best” format.  He starts his article, “Five Fine Moments,” with the following disclaimer:

I am personally wary, not to say disapproving, of “Ten Best” lists and the like, partly because I find them tendentious, but mostly because I find them deeply depressing, a reminder of time passing, matched by an effort to pretend that the time came in a neat package of quanta—these movies or books—rather than in its actual messy, decade-bending, sequence of shadings. But many nice things happened this year, mostly in sports, so here, in praise, are a few . . . .

Yet, self-mockingly, he tosses out his four favorite sports moments from 2010 and, as a sop to New Yorker readers, a reference to Nabakov’s “Pale Fire.” Read More

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4 Reasons to Read Your Blog Aloud

I’ve watched my blog traffic grow from zero readers to thousands of daily readers. But I don’t need these numbers to tell me that I’m a good blogger.

I get daily offers from public relations firms and potential advertisers, but this “love” doesn’t tell me that I’m a good blogger.

And your comments. While they do make me feel warm and fuzzy inside, they are not a metric I use to gauge my blogging success.

How do I know I’m a good blogger?

Because every word I write sounds like I am saying it.

Seriously. If I read this post (or any that I write) aloud, it would sound natural rolling off my tongue. To me, this is blogging success – posts that capture my voice. I am a true believer that a blog is a conversation, and if I’m representing myself, I want the words I type to sound like, well, ME!

Aside from making sure that your blog post has captured your “voice,” a tone that is unique to you, there are several other benefits to stretching out those vocal cords to read blogs that you write. Before I ask you to read your last three blog posts aloud, allow me to present several other benefits to reading out loud. Read More

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How to Keep Your Blog Branding on Track

You are part of your brand. Your blog is part of your brand. Put them together, and guess what, you have your brand.

I realize that most bloggers don’t want to hear that. If you’re the typical writer personality type you’d much rather blast some tunes and craft a 1,000-word post than worry about “selling” a brand. But every time you hit publish, like it or not, you are representing your brand. One key to establishing your brand as an authority on a subject, which is something that all niche bloggers should be looking to do, is to be consistent. I’m talking about a constant tone, a constant name, a constant logo, and so on.

Here are a few ways to keep your brand on track. Read More

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5 Blogging DON’Ts That P*ss Me Off

I’m proud of myself. I went the entire three-day weekend without blogging. But I did spend some time doing what I normally avoid, and that’s reading other people’s blogs. Without pointing fingers, there were several consistencies that I came across that really got under my skin. Here are my top five. You are invited to share you “Blogging Don’ts” in the comments section below. Read More

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4 Questions to Answer Before Leaving a Comment

Bloggers are faced with an obstacle of “time sucks” at every turn. These are evil black holes that take away your valuable time, and leave you with nothing viable to show for your efforts. Surfing the Web, researching topics, fantasy baseball leagues, and constant interruptions are just the tip of the iceberg. Another time oft overlooked time leech can be responding to blog comments.

I know that many blog advice sites recommend that bloggers respond to all comments. After all, we already know that the vast majority of people will never leave a comment. And I agree (to a point) that most comments, short of spam, deserve to be acknowledged. But before clanking away at the keyboard, ask yourself the following… Read More

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Want a Large Audience? Blog Like Pizza

I want my blog to be like pizza. Not like the fake crap you get form those international chains, but like a large, filling, somewhat greasy slice of authentic New York pizza.

Here’s why.

Pizza is quick and convenient.
Whether you choose to fold your slice down the middle or opt for a fork and a knife, eating pizza is easy. There’s less chewing than a steak and pizzerias are found on the corner of Everytown, USA. Just like that slice of pizza, I want my blog to be easily accessible and easy to digest. I accomplish this by keeping my posts a reasonable length (usually between 200 – 500 words), writing in a simple fashion, and making sure that my posts are appearing correctly on all of the major Web browsers and operating systems. I want it to be quick and convenient to read my blog.

Pizza is nutritious.
A basic slice of pizza can deliver goods from many of the major food groups. So not only does your tummy get full, your body is getting the nutrients it needs. Pizza is one of the few foods, that depending on the dough and toppings, can actually pull items from ALL of the major food groups. I want my blog to fill people up with knowledge without weighing them down. I understand that they’ll be visiting other blogs, but I want to provide them with everything they need in case I’m their only stop for the day. Pizza compliments a meal nicely, but it also can BE the meal. Read More

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