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Blogging as a Marketing Tool for Authors


So your book is published and now what? Do you sit back and let the book sell itself? In a recent interview with Brad Grochowski from the Indie Book Man show, I mentioned that my book, ‘Day of Revenge’ was not getting much exposure on Amazon. What I really meant to say is the marketing of your book does not stop once it is listed on Amazon. Unfortunately, Amazon does not have a marketing team that will market books. It is up to you to market your own book.

In a world where the internet dictates our professional and personal lives, a presence on the web is very critical. It is the only way to market your book abroad without having to travel from place to place to sell your book. The question is, where do you start? The best way to start is to set up a blog. Having a blog gives you a platform to promote yourself and your brand which is your book. A blog is a place where people can find out about your book and where it is available for purchase. Read More

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