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How to Create a Successful Blog on a Budget

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Are you planning your online marketing strategy, but need to stay within your budget? Well, blogging is one of the most cost effective methods of promoting your products and services online. However, without the proper planning, your blog can break your marking budget long before becoming successful.

Failing to create a budget for your blog could result in multiple, very costly mistakes. Many of these blunders can lead to major problems down the line that can hinder your blog’s success. That’s why it’s so important to have a budget in place ahead of time. This will ensure that your blog launches quickly and successfully, without costing you more than you ever make. Read More

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Healthy Eating on a Budget for Bloggers

This is a guest post by Amara Wagner, a Holistic Health Coach and the founder of Amara Wellness LLC.

You’ve fallen behind in your blogging duties or a deadline has crept up and you need to cram in a sizeable amount of work in a short amount of time. You’re also a blogger which for some may be code for “unemployed” or even short on cash. You’re hungry and tired and find yourself staring at the screen, unable to start your next post.

What to do?

The obvious inclination might be to brew a pot of coffee and start the caffeine binge or even chug a sugar-loaded energy drink. But before you do, read on, there are healthier and cheaper alternatives that will provide a more efficient source of energy that could also make you a better blogger – that is, assuming that’s possible! Read More

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