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How To Use “Growth Hacking” to Propel your Blog & Business to Millions

The term “Growth Hacking” has been around for several years and is essentially the art of gaining an avalanche of users and customers via trackable, testable and scalable tools such as emails, pay-per-click ads and blogs instead of blind traditional methods. The growth hacker eliminates big marketing spending and their products gain traction like a spreading virus, multiplying and spreading from user to user. Gaining much for very little.

One of the earliest notable examples of the concept was when the creators of Hotmail decided to add the signature line link, “Hotmail: Free, trusted and rich email service. Get it now.” to every email sent, which meant that everyone who received an email via a Hotmail account would see a link to sign-up. This free and simple tactic moved Hotmail’s user base from a few thousand to 12 Million in a year at a time when there were only approximately 36 Million internet users. (Source: Internet World Stats)

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Managing a Company Blog – The Dos and Don’ts

Running and maintaining a company blog is a great way to establish your company as an industry expert, help with link building and content marketing, and encourage a conversation with your customers. But a company blog is a reflection of that company, its products and its online brand. It should be handled with care and diligence.

Here are a few dos and don’ts when it comes to managing the company blog:

DO update the blog as frequently as possible. You might not have the time to draft and publish a new post every day, but you should aim for at least once a week. This keeps the blog content fresh and relevant, and gives your readers a reason to come back and check out the blog.

DO schedule posts in advance. If you are on a writing roll, just keep going! Schedule additional posts in advance so that you don’t have to worry about squeezing in time to write new content if you get extra busy a few weeks down the road.

DON’T republish other authors’ work. This will quickly get you labeled as splog (spam blog) or content farm. All your blog posts should be original work. It’s perfectly acceptable to respond to another blog post with your own, just make sure your site back to the original post. Read More

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