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Why You Should Write Your Blogging Failure List

Most bloggers fail. And when they fail, they do so quietly.

This is not a negative post, rather it is designed to help you get in tune with what you are doing wrong; to reflect on your blogging mistakes. This involves examining metrics, perusing old emails, and taking a long hard look in the mirror. You might be thinking, ‘why on earth would I want to dwell on failures!?’ The answer is simple. Having the moments where you stumble fall into a Black Hole is a dangerous trap. It keeps mistakes out of your line of site, which is a dangerous place to be in. After all, isn’t the ability to not repeat our mistakes a sign of intelligence?

I’ll put my blogging failures out there for the world to see in order to give you a better understanding of the types of things you should be looking for. These stumbles have turned me into a better blogger, but that doesn’t mean this is ain’t gonna hurt. Read More

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