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3 Simple Things to Do to Grow Your Reader Base

Everyone has his reasons for blogging. Some treat their blog as a business. Some blog for their business. Others blog just because they can.

At the end of the day, however, most bloggers want one thing: to have a huge reader base.

grow your reader base


What’s the point of having something to say, and saying it in an awesome way, when there’s no one reading your blog?

You may have a couple hundred, or maybe a couple thousand, readers, but ask yourself if you’re really satisfied with staying at – more or less – the same amount of readers. The chances are that you’re not. You want to grow your blog. You want to grow your reader base, and here are three simple things you can do to get that done. Read More

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5 Wise Ways To Grow As A Blogger!

No matter where you are on the “food chain” of blogging, chances are, you can be better and ascend higher.

Growth is what it’s all about.
Growth is a true sign of maturity, and the true sign of a professional.
And like many other life forms, if you don’t grow you risk dying.
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