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Online Business Blogging Success Conference 2011

I don’t get excited for networking events.  The thought of talking myself up and giving/receiving hundreds of business cards is about as sexy as Betty White on a beach.

My guess is that many bloggers feel the same way.

That’s why I want to tell you about the Online Business Blogging Success Conference 2011, the very first blogworking event I will attend.  And why?  Because it’s 100% online.

If you are a business that is looking to leverage the power of blogging and grow a loyal readership that sends transactions your way, this online blogging conference is for you.

The cool part is that the sessions are  spread out across the first three weeks of February and occur live.  Better yet, if life gets in the way and you are unable to attend a session that you have your eye on, you can always access the video file at your convenience at a later date. Read More

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Quality or Quantity? Which is More Important to Blogging Success?

Have you ever wondered why many singers and performing artists produce smash hit albums, then you don’t hear from them for months after…maybe even years?

You know the ones.
Their tunes top record charts, they do the TV shows and the tours, then they go into hibernation underground. It almost seems that they’ve fallen off the face of the earth.

Some examples that come to mind would be Sade, Mariah Carey, Barbara Streisand, and Janet Jackson.
Are you with me here…? Read More

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The Secrets To Your Success Through Blogging With Passion

Blogging success seems to elude the Blog With Passion
majority of bloggers who have taken that first step to start a blog. The initial excitement of building and owning a piece of virtual property can provide feelings of fulfillment and accomplishment. However, that’s not all to the general idea of success and very soon after launch many bloggers ponder; “Why am I not getting any traffic?” “Why am I not making any money through my blog?” “Why, why, why?” Many of these questions go unanswered and unchallenged, then the day comes when all is lost and the blogging dream dies.

I will shout aloud that “It does not have to be that way!” You may be missing a key ingredient that has driven all truly successful persons to victory, riches and fulfillment. That ingredient is passion. So let’s take a look at how we can manifest our success through blogging with passion. Read More

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The Ultimate Guide to Building Your Blogging Brand – Blog Like A Pro!

build-your-brandCurrently, there are approximately over 150 Million blogs worldwide with a large majority of them talking about the same things, in same boring way. Millions of them look the same, many bloggers express themselves the same way and even more are blogging without passion, authority, concrete goals and without having a respectable brand. Many of us fail to realize that while we blog expecting to achieve success, we are also responsible for our personal brand.

Successful professional blogging is no longer for the average Joe with average goals. It is for the prudent who will approach their audience seriously and strive to build their company, and more so, personal brand. Read More

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5 Exercises to Sculpt Your Blogging Success

I’m sure I can safely say that its the average person’s dream to be successful in life and achieve all possible things to their heart’s content. We go about our daily lives planning and executing with precision to ensure that we secure that special client, we work to get our kids into that top-notch university and, as blogger’s, dream and work towards living the internet lifestyle.

However, is there a surefire way to achieve blogging success and live the internet lifestyle? I can certainly shout, “Yes There Is!” Forget about those proven systems and get rich affiliate networks that marketers are always trying to sell you. Without the right principles, practices and focus, true success will ultimately elude you, even after being “spoon fed.” Read More

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