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Blogging Traits Blog Editors Look For

Trait: A distinguishing feature of your personal nature

As someone who hires bloggers on a regular basis, there are certain traits that I look for. Of course there are the obvious skills: good writing, command on the English language, proper grammar. But there are other traits that come in handy

What I look for in a blogger…

CREATIVE THINKING. Coming up with unique angles and ideas for blog posts is an important trait for a blogger to have. With so many bloggers flooding the Internet, I find myself drawn to the folks who are able to breathe new life into old subjects. As a blog manager, this eliminates the pressure of having to come up with hundreds of blog post ideas a month.

A NATURAL RE-WRITER. Since there are only so many new ideas, a good blog writer should have a knack for identifying interesting posts on other blogs and be able to to re-write the content in their now unique style and tone. Read More

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