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5 Must-Read Blog Posts About Blogging in 2014


While blogging has paved way for people to live a sustainable lifestyle by earning money from writing about something they truly feel passionate about, there’s more to blogging than simply making money off it. At the core of every blog are posts that share helpful and compelling information to a specific audience.

Therefore, if you want to take a slice out of the blogging pie, it’s time to learn how to correctly approach blogging in order to create great content that will allow you to increase blog traffic and build a readership. From here, everything is possible, including generating revenue from your blog.

If you wish to start with blogging or already have a blog but are still struggling with building substantial traffic, then reading the best must-read blog posts about blogging that were published this year.

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New Bloggers: Beware of the Dark Side of Blogging

dark side blogging

Public shaming and groupthink mentality are alive and well in the blogosphere. For those interested in starting career in blogging, you have been duly warned.

In an article published at Huffington Post, Lauren Stevens reveals the dark side of being a mommy blogger. While Lauren has achieved some level of success blogging about family life while being able to cultivate relationships with readers and other bloggers, she soon saw some of the undesirable behavior from her peers, such as ganging up on people that don’t share their views (which Lauren also became a target of) and not fulfilling their end of the bargain when it comes to giveaways.

These reprehensible activities not only cast a negative light on mommy blogs as a niche, but may also discourage people who want to use blogging as a platform to share ideas, discuss opinions, and initiate discussions.

Despite this, blogging is nonetheless a great tool to make your well-composed thoughts known online. Below are some of the tips that you should follow for you to stay away from – or deal with – the dark side.

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Alternatives to Flickr for Illustrating Your Posts

Lots of people use Flickr to illustrate their blogs – and to its credit, Flickr does have a lot of great images. However, there are quite a few downsides to Flickr. Lots of photos come with royalties or copyrights, and there can be problems with downloading and other headaches. You may spot the perfect photo on Flickr, only to find out you can’t use it because it’s not Creative Commons. Even if it is available for use, you have to link back in order to credit the photographer. Furthermore, the CC (Creative Commons) images on Flickr are used by a ton of other bloggers and sites all over the Internet. If you want your blog to stand out, you need to use unique images.

A zero-copyright image from Unsplash.

A zero-copyright image from Unsplash.

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Blogging for Hire: What’s in it for You?

If you specifically like writing, it is highly possible that you will find blogging interesting. Blogging is an interesting proposition since it provides writing opportunities and the added advantage of being paid for it. Freelance writing resources, when chosen carefully, can show what ‘s in store for you once you choose the path of blogging for hire.

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How to Incorporate the Seasons into Your Blog

If there’s one thing most of us can relate to, it’s the seasons. Some places have longer and more grueling winters than others, but we all adjust to the changing seasons regardless of our locale. To get the attention of readers, bloggers often begin their posts with something that catches the reader’s eye.

Considering the variances in taste, culture and age among readers, this is no easy task. But, the changing seasons is not contingent on any unique variable. It’s something we all experience to some extent, which is why it’s a great thing to incorporate into blog posts. Read More

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Ghost: The New Kid on the Blogging Block


Since blogging became popular on the internet over a decade ago, there’s been no end to blogging platforms to help us get our message across to our readers. In recent years though, there’s been a clear favorite and that’s been WordPress. It’s not hard to see why it’s been the favorite for so long, after all it’s incredibly easy to use and extremely flexible thanks to the myriad of plugins available. While WordPress offers everyone a way to blog, it’s not perfect and it hasn’t really changed much either. It’s offered the same set of features for years now. Familiarity is great, but when it starts to kill your buzz you know it’s time for a change. Read More

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Successful Guest Blogging: How Not to Sleepwalk Right into Penalties

social media

Image Credit: Chennai Social Media

A recent Webmaster Help video has Matt Cutts, head of Google’s webspam team, shedding light on what was considered legitimate guest blogging. Most of his insights were obvious, things any sensible blog owner (who accepts only high quality content and credits the author) would know.

But we exist in a Google world. Words from a representative of this “super power” need to be dissected and then digested. Read More

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5 Solutions For Backing Up Your Blog

Back Up Your Blog

If you’re like me you put your heart and soul into your blog and the last thing you want to see is a blank page when you load your domain. Unfortunately servers can fail and sometimes even your backup can leave something to be determined.

Thankfully there are some very simple solutions that can help you backup your website with very little technical knowledge and very little cost. From online backup services to simple USB drives here are five solutions for backing up your blog.

1. Choose A Backup Service

If you currently run your blog on WordPress as a self-hosted solution you can choose from various different backup services. The most popular of those services is VaultPress, a constant backup platform that is operated to WordPress creator Automattic. These services require only a simple plugin to activate and often provide one-click restore functions and constant blog monitoring.

VaultPress isn’t the only solution, there is also BackupBuddy, BlogVault and various others.  Read More

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Commercial Poetry: Wooing Viewers into a Lasting Relationship

We’ve all heard tales of gallant and courageous acts in the name of love, but the humble word is just as powerful. It can entice, sway and lure us to take the plunge. In today’s media-obsessed society, the written word remains a most potent form of persuasion. Express yourself well and the digital world is your oyster.


Mutually happy relationships matter more than ever. In business, they’ve taken on a new level of importance. Since the 1960s, marketing has revolved around the concept of the Four Ps: product, price, place, and promotion. This quickly became the unchallenged model for marketing. But business globalisation meant new approaches were necessary. Suddenly, retention and relationship and economics were elevated up to and above the product or service itself.

The world of commerce now resembles a jousting match for the fair customer’s hand. Expect the most fiery and foolhardy of your competitors to attempt to strike you down at the first opportunity; in turn, you can opt to be just as combative. Or, you can leave these tiresome battles to the mere mortals beneath, lay down your sword and use your mighty pen to charm your way, often permanently, into your readers’ hearts. Read More

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Why Bloggers Should Care About WordPress 3.6

WordPress LogoAfter well over half a year since the previous 3.X release, two weeks ago WordPress 3.6, named “Oscar”, was released and the blogging world, it seemed, barely took notice.

Sure, there was the standard griping about having to update X number of blogs and clamoring to learn about the new features, but it can’t be said that those new features set the world on fire in any major way (good or bad). Sure, they were welcome additions, but most of the features aren’t particularly useful to any established blogger who is the sole author of their site.

Still, bloggers should be taking notice of WordPress 3.6, there are several additions to it that represent not just a pivot point for WordPress, but for blogging in general. If the release feels like WordPress isn’t moving forward, it’s likely just because it’s changing direction and soon, whether you like it or not, it’s likely that you’ll be going along with it.

In short, WordPress 3.6 may not drastically change how you blog today, but it may have big implications for your site down the road, implications you can start preparing for now. Read More

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