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The Blogger’s Guide to Buffer

Because it is designed primarily for maximizing social media efforts and overall exposure, Buffer is not always a top choice for bloggers looking to make the most of the information they have to share. However, Buffer capitalizes on the fact that social media matters to bloggers, and it should be in the toolbox for any blogger wanting to take their efforts to the next level.

Consider the following tips for using Buffer to increase your blog’s online exposure and potential.


Use Simplicity to Your Advantage

Buffer describes itself as “a personal, more efficient solution to handle sharing on social media.” It also makes the lives of its users easier while increasing their social media presences. The reason it’s successful is because it’s simple. Gone are the days of complicated apps that require in depth research to see results. When looking for something simple and nearly thoughtless, Buffer is the place to start. Read More

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Buffer hack sees users posting Facebook and Twitter spam

Buffer hack sees users posting Facebook and Twitter spam (via The Inquirer)

ANOTHER DAY, another social media hacking, this time at Buffer, the cross-platform social media aggregator that disperses status updates and shares at regular intervals. On Saturday users started to find that spam was being posted in their Facebook…

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