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5 Undeniable Reasons Why Every Business Should Have a Blog


As online businesses take a more metric-oriented approach to promote their products and services, it has become much more ideal to use blogging as a platform to achieve their goals. According to Hubspot’s State of Inbound 2014-2015, bloggers are 13x more likely to enjoy positive ROI (rate of investment).

If you’re unsure on how blogging works for your business, below are five way how it can help increase your sales without spending as much compared to other marketing campaigns.

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Get Social: The Beginner’s Guide to Creating a Socially Shareable Blog

The blog as we know it started off as a place where people could share their thoughts online or keep a running diary. In fact, its usefulness as a daily online log is what gave it its name: “Web-log” got shortened into just “blog,” and history was made. However, the blog has expanded into something more, and now is used by corporations and individuals to share with the entire social media universe what is happening with them or their company.

Beginner's Guide to a Socially Shareable Blog

When businesses get involved in the blogosphere, they can make great strides in promoting their organization and interacting with their customers. However, there are some pitfalls to avoid when companies make a new blog and want their customers to read it and share it. Here are some key points that you’ll want to keep in mind when developing your corporate blog: Read More

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Managing a Company Blog – The Dos and Don’ts

Running and maintaining a company blog is a great way to establish your company as an industry expert, help with link building and content marketing, and encourage a conversation with your customers. But a company blog is a reflection of that company, its products and its online brand. It should be handled with care and diligence.

Here are a few dos and don’ts when it comes to managing the company blog:

DO update the blog as frequently as possible. You might not have the time to draft and publish a new post every day, but you should aim for at least once a week. This keeps the blog content fresh and relevant, and gives your readers a reason to come back and check out the blog.

DO schedule posts in advance. If you are on a writing roll, just keep going! Schedule additional posts in advance so that you don’t have to worry about squeezing in time to write new content if you get extra busy a few weeks down the road.

DON’T republish other authors’ work. This will quickly get you labeled as splog (spam blog) or content farm. All your blog posts should be original work. It’s perfectly acceptable to respond to another blog post with your own, just make sure your site back to the original post. Read More

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The Small Business Blog: 3 Important Factors That Can Impede Success

A blog holds great business potential and an increasing number of small business owners are realizing the value of blogs for building brand establishment and providing increased levels of customer engagement. But creating and running a successful business blog is not simply a matter of setting up some web hosting, using a generic blog template, and throwing in some average content. There will need to be some serious planning, strategy, and resourcefulness in place if a small business ever hopes to provide a blog that will generate measurable results.

A small business blog needs to avoid certain marketing mistakes that could result in instant failure. There are 3 prime errors that many new business blogs fall foul of that leave a blog stranded, starved, and instantly obsolete.

The Business Blog Survival Guide

Here are 3 common mistakes small business blogs need to be careful of… Read More

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