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5 Topics to Tread Carefully Around

Blogging is a very freeing experience. Your blog is your personal corner on the Web and it can be, literally, whatever you want it to be.

Want to make your site hot pink, use the “blink” tag heavily and load up an annoying midi right when the visitor arrives? That’s your prerogative but it’s also mine (and most of the Web’s) to stay away.

But most like you want people to participate in your blog and, also likely, you’d like the conversation there to be civilized, fulfilling and relatively on-target.

While that’s never 100% possible on the Internet thanks to the nature of online interaction, the topics you talk about on your site (and the way you present them) are the starters of the conversation and, as anyone who’s tried to start up a conversation on a date will tell you, the opening act sets the tone.

Obviously, you can make your blog about anything you want and none of these rules apply if it is about the topic of your blog. But if you stray off course and into these areas, be prepared for the quality of your conversation to go downhill very fast.

With that in mind, here are five blogging topics that you need to tread lightly in and be wary of the pointless flame war that may wait at the other end of the dialog. Read More

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5 Blogging Faux Pas You Might Be Making

Quiet Please ImageBlogging is an inherently social activity, just one that happens to be done with millions of other people all across the globe.

As with any social activity, there are social norms that develop and pertain to the way that bloggers interact with one another. These aren’t necessarily laws (though there is some relationship when you look at copyright) but they are general guidelines to help ensure that bloggers don’t needlessly injure one another and work together for the betterment of the larger community.

What exactly those standards are is up for debate. Often times, what one sees as the norm will depend as much on other factors as it does their role as a blogger. But still, there are a few generally-agreed upon norms out there, but they also happen to be very easy boundaries to cross at times.

So what are some missteps you might be making in your interactions with other bloggers? Here are five of the more common ones. Read More

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How To Instantly Cripple Your Blog When Installing Facebook Commenting

Facebook LogoBloggingPro recently changed from a standard WordPress commenting system to the Facebook Commenting platform, a move that now allows our readers not only to engage with one another but also post comments to their Facebook page, inviting their friends into the mix. While Facebook continues to make their commenting system a more robust offering users who simply ditch their old platform for the new Facebook platform are instantly crippling their blog.

From an SEO standpoint every single comment entered into a blog provides additional information for your post, that content is read by search engines and becomes included in search results. If the blog has dozens, hundreds or even thousands of previous comments simply removing those comments completely changes the “digital landscape” of your content, possibly removing your high ranking posts from their search engine placement.

From an engagement standpoint your most loyal users may feel slighted after they took the time to create many dedicated conversations on your blog only to have them removed for a new system. Read More

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Should Bloggers Use Facebook’s Commenting System?

As many of you are well aware of, Facebook has launched their own commenting system which enables readers to comment upon your post without having to sign up for yet another user account or retype their name to identify themselves.

With major blogs like TechCrunch and GigaOm embracing Facebook (wholely if not partially), many bloggers are wondering whether outsourcing their comment section to the social network is a good idea or not.

While I’m personally in favor of not outsourcing one’s comment section to the social giant, here are a few reasons why you should (as well as should not) power your discussion threads via Facebook. Read More

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Disqus Comments Hook Users In

An interesting story about the way how the Disqus Comments system hooks its WordPress users in, by not communicating with the WP database when a comment has been marked as spam.

Bug or voluntarily hooking the users in by holding the cleanliness of the comment stream hostage?

It will be interesting to see if the Disqus community will fix this spam issue or whether this is a form of locking users in.

Read the complete entry here.

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Blogging Pitfalls: Why Comments and Community Are Important

Photo of a Group

Every blogger wants to be the star of their site. One doesn’t usually go through the time to create a site and write for it regularly with the intention of have others show them up and become what matters the most.

However, nearly all successful blogs are something of a collaborative effort between the blogger and their community. Commenters, forum posters and other community members no only help encourage others to visit the site, produce additional (free) content for it and expand the conversation/discussion on everything you write about, but they more importantly add a layer of depth to your writing by bringing in outside viewpoints, something no person can get alone.

Unfortunately, a lack of comments may be turning your visitors away from your site and it can be extremely discouraging for a blogger to put a great deal of work into a post only to find thousands of people read it and almost none take the time to say a few lines.

For a healthy blog, community is crucial and if you don’t work to grow it, you may find that your site is left in the dust as others in the niche race ahead to do bigger, better things.

Read More

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How Probloggers Can Generate Cash From The Comment Section

When it comes to seeking out new forms of revenue, most bloggers choose to overload their blogs with advertisements, with a few brave souls charging for content or experimenting with job boards.

Although there are numerous other ways to generate extra revenue through blogging, most bloggers rarely think about finding ways to generate comments from their comments section, which (for obvious reasons) receives a lot of attention from readers.

While probloggers should always be cautious about these ideas listed below (i.e. know your audience), here are three suggestions for those of you attempting to maximize revenue upon your blog. Read More

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Should Probloggers Outsource Their Blog Comments?

When it comes to blogging, nothing says community better than by allowing readers to voice their opinions upon your site.

While most mainstream blogging platforms boast a decent commenting system, blogging pros may wonder whether they should consider outsourcing their comment section or leave the native system up instead.

Since outsourcing ones comments can be a touchy subject (as there are passionate voices on both sides of the issue), here are three reasons why you should and should not outsource your communities voice to third parties. Read More

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Blogging Pitfalls: Why You Can’t Stop Promoting

There’s a story told to those in school for advertising about William Wrigley Jr., the owner and founder of Wrigley gum.

According to the story, Wrigley was on a train when another passenger asked him why he continued to spend millions of dollars when everyone knew his product and he had a virtual lock on the market.

Rather than answering the question, Wrigley responded by asking how fast the train was going. When the other passenger said, “About 70 miles per hour,” he shot back with the now-famous quip:

“Well, that’s fast enough, why don’t they unhook the engine?”

Wrigley understood that advertising and promotion was a key to growing his company and it is also key to growing your blog. However, most bloggers only focus on promotion during the earlier days and months of a blog, let it coast to hopeful success later. This can cause growth to slow to a crawl and, in extreme cases, even stop.

Read More

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WordPress Disqus Plugin: Why You Should Get It Today

This is a guest post by Selena Narayanasamy who writes at and This post is part of our weekly My Blog Guest feature.

Blogging is no longer for the lone writer- blogging is for building community.  It’s being utilized by small and large business, corporations, moms and students. For the business owners, creating a business blog keeps you in touch with your current and past customers and clients.

Posting new content with niche keyword density can also guide potential clients to your site. Not only this, but when they get to your community, it’s a great place for them to interact around a mutual interest, product or service and they will feel free to comment and share.

With the Disqus (pronounced ‘discuss’) plugin from WordPress, your business blog can become 360 degrees interactive- you won’t have to be one of those businesses that puts up static ads and has no community following. This free little plugin turns a standard blog into a thriving community where people can connect, discuss, and help your blog find even more followers.

So, how does it work, and why should you use it for your WordPress site? Here are a few good reasons to integrate Disqus into your blog. Read More

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