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Blogging Pitfalls: How to Make Your Blog Load Fast

Bloggers often times refer to their blogs as if they were human beings with their own personalities. But while bloggers usually want their blogs to be intellectuals filled with interesting and useful knowledge or entertainers that can keep passer-bys engaged, we don’t pay nearly as much attention to our site’s physical health, let alone its athletic performance.

The truth is that blogs are a lot like people in another way, they tend to become bloated and out of shape over time. This can happen quickly, often times with just the installation of one plugin, or gradually over time as feature creep begins to drag a site down.

But also as with humans, this extra weight can have serious health consequences. If a blog isn’t up to speed, it can have dire consequences for the site that can result in a drastic loss of traffic, reduction in search engine presence and even instability and an inability to function.

Simply put, every blogger needs to be aware of the dangers of letting their site get out of shape and be able to make the necessary adjustments to bring it back into line. Failure to do so can be very disastrous for a blog indeed.

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WordPress + CDN == Fast Load Times

If you want to get your site loaded for your readers as fast as possible, has a great article about using a CDN with WordPress (though any site can benefit from it).

The article includes a bunch of information about CDN’s (including the definition you’re about to read, so don’t worry if you’re lost), and why you should probably be using one if you don’t hate your readers.

Here’s a tidbit from the post to get you started…

CDN stands for Content Delivery Network or Content Distribution Network. Basically, it’s a bunch of highly optimized servers all across the world, with a bit of unique logic worked into them: you’ll always hit the server that’s closest to you. This leads to huge performance improvements for sites that have visitors from all across the world, like this one.

My images were coming from the US, which was better for like 50% of my readers but pretty slow for a lot of my European readers (about 35% of my readers are European). Now, for them, these images can come from the CDNs servers in London, Amsterdam or Frankfurt, whichever is closest to them.

If you’ve got readers from all over the place, a CDN is likely a very good idea if you can afford it (it’s surprisingly affordable usually). is claiming a 3x (or more) increase in load speeds for most readers, and that adds up pretty fast if the site gets a lot of traffic.

Definitely something that every budding blogger should look into.

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