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Alternatives to Flickr for Illustrating Your Posts

Lots of people use Flickr to illustrate their blogs – and to its credit, Flickr does have a lot of great images. However, there are quite a few downsides to Flickr. Lots of photos come with royalties or copyrights, and there can be problems with downloading and other headaches. You may spot the perfect photo on Flickr, only to find out you can’t use it because it’s not Creative Commons. Even if it is available for use, you have to link back in order to credit the photographer. Furthermore, the CC (Creative Commons) images on Flickr are used by a ton of other bloggers and sites all over the Internet. If you want your blog to stand out, you need to use unique images.

A zero-copyright image from Unsplash.

A zero-copyright image from Unsplash.

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7 Places to Find Free, Legal Images for the Web

Guest Bio: This post was written by Lior who works for an online task management start-up.

Everyone knows that the Web is a visual medium and that posts/pages with images stand out better than those with just text. However, finding images can be tricky, especially considering that most of the photos on the Web are copyright protected and using them could result in legal trouble.

Fortunately, there are many places on the Web that you can turn to find free, legal, photos and images that you can include in your posts.

Here are seven easy places that you can find images for use on your site.

1. Wikimedia Commons

Wikimedia Commons is the media wing of Wikipedia and has thousands upon thousands of images under licenses from public domain, meaning free to use without restrictions, to various Creative Commons licenses. You can easily search for images by license type and quickly find something you can use on your site without worry.

2. Flickr Advanced Search

Flickr offers an advanced search tool that least you narrow your search to only works licensed under Creative Commons licenses. You can easily filter results by those works available for making derivative works or for commerical use, just by ticking the relevant check boxes. Read More

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