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Link Building: Trust, Relevance, and Diversity

bloggingproIt’s no secret that link building is one of the most popular methods for small businesses looking to improve their online rankings.  For this reason, there have been tons of companies, experts, and new tools surfacing to try and help companies build a link portfolio and earn quality backlinks. Unfortunately, this also means that there are many SEO agencies and articles out there trying to cut corners and offer poor link building advice (which is easy to do when working in such a changing industry like SEO). The moral of the story: It’s important that small businesses understand what makes a great link portfolio in the eyes of Google.

Characteristics of a Great Link Building Campaign

What many are beginning to realize is that earning a backlink from a great website isn’t always going to be enough. This backlink has to be something readers can trust, it has to be relevant, and you have to have a variety of links. These are essentially the three things needed to move from a good link profile to a great link profile. Read More

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