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3 Simple Typography Tips for Bloggers

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As a blogger, you probably have dabbled in web design and its elements. While no one will deny that content is king – and you probably expend a lot of effort on making sure you dish out content that your readers will find irresistible – there is also something to be said about a good-looking blog. After all, the days of pure text displayed in the starkest of manners are gone!

Instead, we see all sorts and manner of blog designs – from the simplest to the most complicated. Whatever design you go for, one of the critical elements is typography. Someone once said that 95% of web design is typography, and it might very well be true, so let’s take a look at three simple typography tips for bloggers, especially those who are not design experts. Read More

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5 Really Annoying Blogging Mistakes That Will Make Your Blog Annoying To Visit

Blog MistakeOne of my biggest pet peeves when reading really good material is to read that content on a website that gives me a headache to navigate or view.

While there are many website design mistakes a blogger can makes I have compiled a list of 5 mistakes that can kill a blog before it even gets started.

1. Strange Fonts For Content Sections

While using a unique font to create your websites logo or perhaps even sidebar titles might give your blog a fresh feel that’s where unique fonts should end.  When it comes to fonts bloggers should incorporate georgia, times new roman, times or serif fonts into their content. If you view HuffingtonPost, New York Times and various other content based sites you will quickly realize that they use those standard fonts because they are easily recognizable and therefore easy to read. If you choose to use a custom font for your content I suggest polling your friends and family members to see if they find the custom font easy to read. Read More

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