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How Not To End Up Like Yahoo!

Yahoo LogoTimes are definitely not good at Yahoo!. Not only has the company fired its CEO, the latest in a long string of failed leaders, but the company is barely bothering to look for a replacement.

Basically, times are tough for the company. Though Yahoo! still has some of the most popular properties on the Web, it’s having a hard time turning a buck on them and, worst of all, it’s watching as the Web seems to be moving on from them. Many wonder how long the former giant can remain relevant, especially considering it already farms out its search service to Microsoft.

This is a big part of why the company is now reported to be up for sale and many are wondering if it will even be able to fetch a reasonable price.

But while Yahoo!’s flame out is impressive and one of the largest, if not the biggest, in the Web’s history. Smaller ones like it happen every day.

How can you prevent your site from dying a painful death like Yahoo’s!? The answer may lie in looking at what happened to the company and where it seems to have gone wrong. Read More

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