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Why Owning a Dog Makes Me a Better Blogger

I’ve become THAT guy. The one who doesn’t even use a lint roller to remove the dog hair from his black pants. My dog gets away with murder (you try telling my first Shiba Inu ‘NO!’). But he gives me plenty in return. Not only does he fill my heart with joy, but he makes me a better blogger. That’s right, four-legged Kenji is sometimes my muse. Here’s why owning a dog has made me a better blogger.

The power of walking can’t be overstated. It’s a time to clear your mind, breathe in some fresh Oxygen and get your blood flowing. Without exercise, I find that my blogging productivity drops dramatically. Owning a dog (especially a Shiba) gets me out of the house on walks at least five times a day. No excuses! If we don’t walk, than Kenji doesn’t go to the bathroom, and if Kenji doesn’t go tot he bathroom, he’ll either get sick or have an ‘accident’ inside of the house – that doesn’t help anything.

The walks also help tire a dog out. Intelligent breeds, like my Shiba, have very active minds. Without sufficient exercise they can become depressed, destructive and downright nasty. I think the same can be set for an under-exercised human! Read More

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