How Flexible Are You as a Blogger for Hire?

One look at any Job Board will tell you that bloggers for hire are in high demand. Even bloggers who work hard building their own brand and monetizing their blog often take on clients. Often, earnings from these clients are the bread and butter of a blogger’s income, not to mention the benefit of gaining exposure. […]

Personal Bloggers: How Much Sharing Is Too Much?

In spite of the fact that we live in an era where content marketing, search engine optimization, and business blogging are dominant, personal blogs still rock. There is something about them that keep one grounded, as if serving as a reminder of what blogging was all about back in the day. Whether you’re a blogger […]

Blogging Topics: Where Do You Draw the Line?

The power to choose what to write about lies solely on you. Or does it? If you’re blogging for your own purposes, then the answer is a resounding yes. If you’re blogging for a network or for a client, then you may have less of a say in the matter. However, at the end of […]

Does Forced Email Opt-in Make A Plugin Premium?

According to the Warrior Forums the plugins of MaxBlogPress have been removed from WordPress Extend without any official, apparent reason. MaxBlogPress is the developer of the popular Ping Optimizer and Stripe Ad plugins. Anyone who has ever used one of MaxBlogPress’ plugins certainly knows to appreciate their value but also has been confronted with the […]