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How To Instantly Cripple Your Blog When Installing Facebook Commenting

Facebook LogoBloggingPro recently changed from a standard WordPress commenting system to the Facebook Commenting platform, a move that now allows our readers not only to engage with one another but also post comments to their Facebook page, inviting their friends into the mix. While Facebook continues to make their commenting system a more robust offering users who simply ditch their old platform for the new Facebook platform are instantly crippling their blog.

From an SEO standpoint every single comment entered into a blog provides additional information for your post, that content is read by search engines and becomes included in search results. If the blog has dozens, hundreds or even thousands of previous comments simply removing those comments completely changes the “digital landscape” of your content, possibly removing your high ranking posts from their search engine placement.

From an engagement standpoint your most loyal users may feel slighted after they took the time to create many dedicated conversations on your blog only to have them removed for a new system. Read More

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