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How To Tell Your Friends And Family About Your Blogging Job

“Go get a job!” This is a very common expression and also a pathetic one, traditional people have said to internet pioneers in the past, in order to “wake them up from their insane illusions”. It’s a very annoying phrase that can demolish the ambitious dreams of young entrepreneurs today, too.

Nevertheless, even in the middle of serious economic meltdown, financial responsibility is still on the increase. Many people are therefore searching for either a supplementary means of making extra income or a way of curing their financial slavery. One of the major places that people turn unto to face this unfavorable condition is the internet; by starting an online business and creating active online presence.

You may have gone through the initial stages of establishing your online business and now it seems that everything is under control or you may be one of those who are new to internet and strive hard to make it work. But you still have one thing bothering you; how to tell your friends or more importantly your mom/spouse (I ‘m not joking) or other family members about your new found business. I understand that saying those words can be hard, especially when there is no physical office or tangible products you can show them; everything is virtual so you don’t want your business to sound too good to be true. It is even more difficult for people like me who quit their job completely and delved into the online entrepreneurship passionately. People have related your job to a specific place you should be every morning perhaps with a particular dress code. Moms, especially, even boast that their child is hired by a big company without knowing how it feels to work for one. Instead, when they see you in your pajamas sitting for hours in front of your PC then something is definitely going wrong. They just can’t get it. So, here is what I do… Read More

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