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How to Blog When you have the “Blahs”

This is a guest entry written by Amy Parmenter, an award-winning journalist and longtime reporter for both CBS radio and NBC TV

If you make a living as a writer or hope to make a living as a writer, sooner or later you will have to write when you are tired and your muse is M.I.A.

In fact, you may find yourself writing when you are tired more often than when you are inspired. And that, in and of itself is enough to make some writers put down the pen and pick up excuses. Don’t do it.

As a reporter facing a daily deadline, meeting a deadline for my blog, or even a deadline for a guest post like this one, sometimes I have no choice but to write when I’m dead tired. Here are some thoughts and suggestions that might help you get going when you’d rather be going to bed.

1. Nobody is going to die.

The truth of the matter is most Americans do not get enough sleep so many people go to work overtired. In fact, I can only sleep at night hoping this does NOT apply to truck drivers or surgeons, but chances are it does. Fortunately, I am neither, so the first step in writing when you are tired is accepting the fact that if your work is not your very best that day, no one is going to die. Whew. Read More

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