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Freelance Blogger? How to Create an Invoice Template

There are more blogging jobs available now than ever before. That means there are more first-time bloggers than ever before. And that means more people need help getting started! To that end, I am pleased to share with you the items that should be included on an invoice when you are freelance blogging for clients.

Limited details
A good blog invoice should include your name, contact information, the period of time the invoice covered, the name of the blog in which you wrote for, the title of each post, the URL (if possible) of each post and the word count of each post. Some bloggers will go as far to include the social media love or number of comments a blog post received. This is optional, but anything you can do to show the employer that you are going above and beyond, never hurts. Read More

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Freelance Bloggers Need a Rate Card

Every blogging job is different. Some clients will hire you with a clear understanding of what they need/expect. Others will rely on you to define the blogging role. Whatever the situation, if you are a blogger looking to land blogging jobs, you need to be prepared. The latest tool I’ve decided to add to my ‘hire me’ arsenal is a blogging rate card. Here’s why…

Landing a job often seems like a nearly impossible task. The reality is, people WANT to hire you, that’s why it’s important to make it as easy as possible for them. A rate card (and when I say rate card, I am talking about a single Web file or document) will establish what work you are willing to do and give the hiring agent an idea of how you would like to be compensated. Just like any relationship, both parties are best served if they put their cards on the table. In other words, do not take $3 a post if you have determined you are worth $5.


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