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What You Need To Know About Copyrights

For most of us, we know some of the basic concepts of copyright, especially when it comes to text. When we post on our blog, we need to post original content. It’s more than just a method to ensure good SEO results, it’s also the law, meaning that you can’t just pull off an article from another site, add it to your own, and call it yours. That’s a breach of copyright. However, when it comes to images, it’s a concept that’s much less known or followed. Images follow the same laws and principles, and you can’t just go on Google Search and pull off any random image to add to your post, even if you think it’s related somehow. There’s things you can do, and things you cannot. Then, there’s exceptions like Fair Use, and ways around it.

First, as a generic concept, images on the web are like any other media, they are copyrighted by their creator. Even if it doesn’t say so on the image or site, the default law in the United States and many other countries says that anything you create is automatically owned and copyright by you. Read More

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