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Ideaboard Giveaway

“Here’s a useful and innovative giveaway from the folks at Ideafuel.  Portable whiteboard?  Yeah maybe, I guess a Harley is a motorcycle.  But no really, the ideaboard is a versatile tool you can use to ideate, plan, track, collaborate, and present.    

So how are they taking care of us? Read More

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BlogSearchEngine: Win A Platinum Listing Package

Promote Your Blog - is a PR 6 blog directory that was founded in June 2003, the property allows website owners the chance to have their blog listed with a fully reviewed description and back link to the website of their choice. It’s a great place to promote your blog.

The site features dozens of categories which means your website will always be placed in the most relevant section such as “blog tools and hacks,” “gardening and plants,” “financial blogs” and everything in between.

Currently the site has expanded to offer four types of listing packages from a standard Blog Search Engine Review and Listing for $14.99 all the way to a Platinum Package which includes a full listing with blog review and the following additional high PR listings:

  • Bloggy Award Review (PR5)
  • Link on for 3 Months
  • Featured link on Eatonweb blog portal (PR6)
  • ‘Featured Blog’ display banner for 15 days ( Read More

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BloggingPro 2009 End of Year Winners

Here at BloggingPro we hope that everyone had a wonderful start to 2010 and are happy to announce the winners to our ‘2009 End of Year Giveaway’.

To determine the winners we used a simple PHP random query and selected the winners for every price from all the people who followed BloggingPro on Twitter and retweeted our entries over the last days of the year or who left a comment. Winners will be DM’ed via Twitter and are requested to submit their details ASAP so we can forward the details to our sponsors.

Once more BloggingPro thanks all our sponsors who made the giveaway possible and we are already working hard at organising new giveaways for 2010!

The 2009 BloggingPro End of Year Giveaway Winners!

Elegant Themes

Elegant Themes, maintained by designer Nick Roach, gave our readers 4 club memberships. The winners are:


Templatic founder R.Bhavesh was interviewed and gave 3 licenses for the awesome ecommerce theme Store to our readers. The winners are:

Digging into WordPress

Our giveaway wouldn’t have been complete without the popular Digging into WordPress book and we had the pleasure to interview co-author Jeff Starr who gave away 3 copies for our readers:

Smashing WordPress

We started our giveaway with an exclusive and had 3 copies of the soon to be released Smashing WordPress: Beyond the Blog by TDH. Winners are:

The winners will all be contacted over the next hours via Twitter and stay tuned for more news, interviews, tutorials and giveaway in 2010! Continue following BloggingPro on Twitter and become a fan on Facebook, future giveaways might be pre-announced exclusively on one of these platforms!.

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Elegant Themes Membership Giveaway!

We know that most of you don’t want to be bothered while counting down to midnight (At least, we don’t. Hehe), so we’ve decided to make the final part of our giveaway short and simple.

For today, we will be giving away four club memberships to Elegant Themes, a popular themes club for WordPress owned by Nick Roach. As a member, you’ll get unlimited access to their premium and high-quality elegant themes!

How To Enter The 2009 BloggingPro End of Year Giveaway?

To participate to today’s competition and win one of the four memberships, all you need to do is to follow BloggingPro on Twitter (we will check) and tweet about the BloggingPro giveaway (Click this link to have both links included!).

Today’s competition will be closed on December 31st, 2009 at 23:59PST. Winners will be randomly chosen and announced here on January 3rd 2010!

Simple, ain’t it? Now if you would excuse me, I’ve got to prepare myself mentally both for the booze and the fireworks.

Advanced happy new year!

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R. Bhavesh, Founder of Templatic Interviewed and Exclusive Ecommerce Theme Giveaway

One day closer to New Year 2010 can only mean one thing here at BloggingPro: it’s Giveaway time again!

Today Bhavesh Radadiya from Templatic joins us and explains why they rebranded from PremiumThemes to Templatic, as well as shares his ideas on the future of WordPress. Templatic also gives some licenses for their recently launched, excellent WordPress ecommerce theme ‘Store’ for our readers.

Hello Bhavesh, thanks for taking time for our interview. You have been long involved in the WordPress and theme community but somehow are not one of the ‘brands’ out there. Could you quickly introduce yourself to our readers?

Hey everybody. This is R.Bhavesh. A 27 year young net entrepreneur from India. I love to design websites with a blend of usability and a perfect architecture, helping the end user achieve to their goal. Creating products at allows me to do exactly that and that’s why I am working full time at that.

Congratulations on the successful relaunch and rebranding of PremiumThemes/Templatic. Why did you decide to ditch a long standing name and a great URL? Does it mean that we can expect themes for other platforms from Templatic in the near future? Read More

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Jeff Starr, Star Behind ‘Digging into WordPress’ Interviewed and Giveaway

In the second part of our BloggingPro End of Year Giveaway we are happy to interview Jeff Starr, co-author of the popular Digging into WordPress book. Some weeks ago we interviewed Chris and now it’s Jeff’s turn. We asked Jeff to dish up all juicy gossip he knows about Chris but more important to share his views on WordPress’ popularity, its marketshare and Expression Engine.

Hello Jeff, thanks for taking time for our interview. You have become part of the select crew of ‘WordPress Rockstars’, how did you come to WordPress?

I actually began on the WordPress path with b2evolution, which was a precursor to WordPress. At some point, there was a mass exodus from b2 to WordPress and I decided to go with the flow. Working with WordPress 1.2, I began designing many different themes, each of them pushing my knowledge as a designer and WordPress’ capability as a blogging engine. Back then, there was much that was not possible using default WordPress functionality, and at the time, the number and variety of plugins were far less than what we currently enjoy. So, achieving design goals required LOTS of WordPress hacking — themes, plugins, and even the core itself. Fortunately, the many talented individuals working within the WordPress community have, over the course of the past five years, helped WordPress evolve into a much more powerful and robust piece of software. With all of the time and effort that I have spent working with WordPress, I am stoked to see how popular it has become. This is one case where going with the flow turned out to be the right decision.

‘Digging into WordPress’ is hot commodity and seems to be the WordPress Bible right at the moment. We recently interviewed Chris here at BP, how was it to work with Chris? Any interesting things we should know about Chris? Read More

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Interview With Designer and WordPress Book Author Thord D. Hedengren and Exclusive Giveaway

In the first part of the first ever BloggingPro End of Year Giveaway we have an interview with no one less than Thord D. Hedengren. Thord is most known for his WordPress designs and his time as Editor of The Blog Herald.

Thord has been rather quiet in the international WordPress scene over the last months but now is ready to return to the front stage with his soon to be launched book Smashing WordPress: Beyond the Blog. We were lucky enough to interview Thord and are exclusively giving away a copy of his book for 3 of our readers!

Thord, thanks for taking time for this interview. You have been rocking the WP design community for years with your very own signature style but recently you disappeared. What happened?

It’s my pleasure. As to me disappearing from the scene, well, it’s a mix of work and personal life that switched my priorities. I’ve been doing a lot of writing the last year or so, the book as you well know, as well as doing freelance work for magazines like MacWorld. I’ve also worked with Swedish newspapers to roll out a local blog network, and projects like that. It has been nice to return to my own backyard so to speak, being Sweden of course, at least for a little change in work scenery. It was never a conscious decision to slide out of the WordPress community, and I’ll remedy that by giving the Notes Blog theme a boost early 2010.

You are the next of a very elusive group to publish a WordPress book. What motivated you to write a book about WP and what can the reader expect from your book and when will it be released? Read More

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Get Ready for The BloggingPro 2009 End of Year Giveaway!

The BloggingPro team is proud to announce the first BloggingPro End of Year Giveaway.

Next week, from Monday 28th December 2009 to Thursday 31st December, every day we are giving away different prizes. A big thank you to all our sponsors who have made this giveaway possible.


Templatic recently rebranded from PremiumThemes to Templatic and and are offering our readers several free themes to celebrate the end of year, rebranding and the launch of their elusive Store e-commerce theme.

Elegant Themes

Elegant Themes, maintained by designer Nick Roach, is another popular themes club for WordPress
Nick Roach will be giving away several club memberships during the BloggingPro End of Year Giveaway.

Digging into WordPress

Digging into WordPress author Chris Coyier was recently interviewed here at BloggingPro. Now it’s Jeff Starr’s turn to answer our questions and the crew is giving away several copies of the popular ‘Digging into WP’ book.

Smashing WordPress

Last but not least Thord D.Hedengren will announce his upcoming ‘Smashing WordPress’ book exclusively on BloggingPro and copies will be given away for our readers. After he finished his new design!

Follow BloggingPro on Twitter to make sure you don’t miss the competitions next week!

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