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Your Face May Appear In A Google Ads Soon?

Your Face May Appear In A Google Ads Soon? (via AnyStatements)

Image : pcworld If you’ve ever been appalled to see yourself or your friends used in a Facebook ad, then you’re not going to like Google’s new terms of service. The company updated its TOS on Friday to allow an adult user’s profile name and photo…

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Chris Brogan Was Right: Google Plus is the Future

For many people, social networking can be summed up in one word: Facebook. While Facebook is undoubtedly a wildly successful social network, it is not the first such network to appear on the scene, nor will it be the last. Many additional players that have entered the social networks field; however, if any stands a realistic chance of unseating Facebook from the top of the social network food chain, it is Google Plus. Just as many people equate Facebook with social networking, many equate Google with the internet itself. What started out as a modest venture — a search engine — has turned into a multinational behemoth that includes such features as cloud storage, online document editing, an extensive affiliate advertising network — and now, of course, a social network.  Read More

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Using Google+ Sparks to Find Content to Blog and Grow Your Traffic

g-plusOne of the features about the new Google+ social network is Sparks.

It has been said that Sparks needs to improve to become truly valuable and while there is a level of truth in that statement, I do think that the true power of Sparks lies in its simplicity and limited results, assuring that often the quality of the results seems to be very high. High also being based on less noise than when using Google Blog Search or Twitter Search.

Using Google+ Sparks

Making use of Google+ Sparks to find content is simple and very straightforward. Read More

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