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Google’s Roadmap to World Domination

What do you do for a living?
Google world domination


I’ve known some writers and bloggers who struggle when asked this question. Terms like “freelance writer”, “online copywriter”, “content writer”, “pro blogger”, and “content creator” have been thrown around, but whichever term you prefer to use to describe your online job, you can’t get away from one thing: the influence of Google on what you do.

Of course, we all know – and accept to a certain degree – that Google is not everything. It is not the end all, be all of the online world; still, we scramble around like headless chickens when Google (or Matt Cutts) makes an announcement related to algorithm changes, penalties, and so on. Read More

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A Closer Look at Google: Just How Big is the Big G?

Everyone knows about Google. Everyone uses Google. Okay, maybe not the loyalists who have their default homepage set to Yahoo or Bing, but there is no doubt that for a large number of Internet users, Google is THE king.

But just how big is Google, really? We sarcastically fondly call it the Big G, but do we really have an idea of just how big the company is?

If you’ve ever wondered about that, here is an infographic that will give you a pretty good idea of the vastness that is the Google empire. Read More

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Google Compute Engine Release Makes Waves

google compute engine


The highly anticipated Google Compute Engine has finally been made available to the public after a lengthy beta testing period. Google’s announcement is likely to spark increased competition from established cloud platform competitors like Amazon Web Services and IBM. Looking to establish a foothold in the market is no easy feat, but Google has proven that they can disrupt a lot of markets with their track record of innovation in search, mobile, application domain hosting, and other services. Analysts are keeping a close eye on this new development in the already highly competitive cloud services market. Read More

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Apple, Microsoft, Google and others ask for less NSA snooping

Apple, Microsoft, Google and others ask for less NSA snooping (via The Inquirer)

MANY OF THE WORLD’S largest information technology firms have written an open letter to the US government asking for surveillance reform. Firms that have put their names to the letter are Google, Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, Microsoft, AOL, Apple, and…

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Google Launches Helpouts to Connect You With Experts

Google Launches Helpouts to Connect You With Experts (via NewsLook)

Video News by NewsLook Google launched Helpouts Monday to bring you closer to the experts in a given field. Pay to view lessons on cooking, exercise and more.

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Your Face May Appear In A Google Ads Soon?

Your Face May Appear In A Google Ads Soon? (via AnyStatements)

Image : pcworld If you’ve ever been appalled to see yourself or your friends used in a Facebook ad, then you’re not going to like Google’s new terms of service. The company updated its TOS on Friday to allow an adult user’s profile name and photo…

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Link Removal Requests: How to Respond

Chain LinksOver the past year or so, Google has been clamping down on what it considers bad links and bad linking practices. This includes a wide variety of link building activities that Google considers unnatural. This includes some forms of article marketing, comment spamming, etc.

This has led to a large number of webmasters, including many who didn’t feel they were doing anything wrong, to take severe penalties in Google that hurt their traffic and their bottom line. Many webmasters first learn about these penalties from Google Webmaster Tools and its alerts, while others simply see a drop in traffic and go hunting for an explanation.

But regardless of how it is discovered, once a webmaster learns that they’ve been hit, there’s usually a sense of panic and a rather large mess to clean up. Most of the sites bit by Google penalties have hundreds, if not thousands of questionable links. Removing them to get back into Google’s good graces can be a daunting challenge.

However, it’s not just a challenge and a problem for the people who have their site hit by the penalties, it’s also a problem for the sites where those links appear. Those include many legitimate sites who either were the victims of comment spam or hosted guest posts unaware that the author was engaging in dubious behavior.

Many of those webmasters, myself included, have been getting an increasingly large number of link removal requests and are wondering what to do about them.

Unfortunately, the answer isn’t 100% clear and it depends heavily on you, your site and the situation that you’re in. Read More

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4 Ways You Can Market Your Blog Ethically (And Avoid Google Penalties)

market your blog ethically

So many factors affect search engine results and keyword optimization. Customer behavior studies show that many low-ranking websites are completely disregarded, because prospective clients follow top links to find a solution to their query.

But few businesses have time to market their blog effectively. White hat SEO tactics require time, patience, and imagination to create. Companies have to watch their analytics and generate up-to-date reports to see which processes are effective and which to throw away.

Here are five ways to market your blog ethically, and avoid getting penalized by search engine algorithms. Read More

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6 Quick And Simple WordPress Security Tips


Is your website or blog built on the popular open source content management platform called WordPress? There’s a good chance you are running WordPress in fact according to Wikipedia, 22% of all active websites on the Internet today are running WordPress as their core. This is because of the several tools and pure “awesomeness” WordPress delivers. But there are some downsides to WordPress being the #1 most widely used CMS.

The main downside is security. Because WordPress is so commonly used these days, it has become a target of hackers as of late. And will most likely continue to be for the foreseeable future. Hackers love to exploit over-exposed WordPress run sites and hacks are being reported at alarming and record-breaking rates. So if you run WordPress than this blog post is for you… to learn how to better protect your site from malicious hackers. Read More

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Is High Keyword Density Really Important?

You may have read it and even have heard it from many self-proclaimed SEO experts, that keyword density is vital and tremendously important to a successful article and overall website. In fact, many SEO companies that use both ethical and unethical search engine optimization strategies always aim for an article with quality keyword density.

Search engines know when writers are constantly thinking about a keyword when writing an article. However, some people question whether keyword density is really important at all. Read More

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