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Apps to Make Your Blog Writing Suck Less


There are lots of things to worry about when writing on your blog.

You need to write your idea into sentences and paragraphs, each of which will transition into other ideas to form a cohesive whole.

You will also have to take into account what your readers want so they can keep visiting your blog.

But at the very core of good blog writing is correct grammar, spelling, and use of punctuation, not to mention unique content. Worry about these first and everything else will follow.

If you need help with writing error-free posts for your blog, use the tools listed below.

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Attention Social Media Managers – Writer’s Block Is No Excuse


Attention all social media managers: The purpose of social media is to be social, and if you and your brand are not posting regularly or interacting with other users, it can hurt your brand.

No company has ever gained success by creating a social media page and then never using it. More and more customers today are turning to company’s social media sites over their websites, and if your company’s page lacks content and interaction, these customers will turn elsewhere.

Yes, sometimes it may be hard to think about exactly what you want to say or it may be hard to find the time to post, but there are things you can do to alleviate these blunders and inconsistencies from occurring. Read More

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