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Blogging Pro Job Board Highlights (Feb 25-Mar 1)

Blogging JobsGood morning, everyone! How did February go for you? I don’t know if it’s just me, but there seemed to have been a lack of jobs in the past month. Let’s hope March brings us more.

Here are the highlights from this week’s Job Board.

Remote Content Writers

Got 20 hours a week to write articles based on current trends and breaking news? You don’t even have to get out of bed to do this. Just make sure you are able to follow company writing guidelines.
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Blogging Pro Job Board Highlights (Nov 26-30)

Blogging Pro Job BoardHow did the month of November treat you? Hopefully, you’ve have a really good month, so that you can plan for the holidays to your heart’s content.

Here are this week’s Job Board highlights. Good luck!

Freelance Copywriters

A marketing communications agency needs freelance copywriters, but not just any writers. They need people who are passionate about B2B marketing and not just be able to string words together. If you have the experience and are based in Chicago, go for this job!
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Blogging Pro Job Board Highlights (December 5-9)

Blogging Pro Job BoardAre you counting down the days till Christmas? If so, you might want to get a few more jobs to augment your holiday budget. And even if you don’t do Christmas, a little extra cash is always a good thing, yes?

Here are the best of the job ads we have for this week. Good luck!

Editor for Hungarian Slang Book

Speak and write Hungarian? Here is a potentially fun job for you. You do not need to translate, but you do need to be fluent in the language. Oh, and this is not a job if your sensibilities are easily offended! Read More

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