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Celebrities Guest Post Too! What We Can Learn From Them

Guest posting is an excellent tool that has served blogs well. Not only does it provide fresh content, but also a fresh perspective, style and personality. It draws readers already dedicated to that writer’s work, and offers a unique and helpful chance to network with other blog owners.

But possibly the most popular posts are those written by celebrity guest writers. A number of sources will use this tactic to draw readers, and the posts gather a large amount of attention. Not only for the original post itself, but the potential for reposting, quoting and linking. Social media marketing benefits greatly from celebrity blog posts.

Here are five examples, along with a few tips on what we can learn from each one.

1. Tia Mowry for

Tia Mowry for

Tia Mowry first made it to our TV screen back on the 90’s sitcome Sister, Sister with twin Tamara. Since then she has been in a number of things, including BET’s The Game. But last year she embarked on a whole new journey: motherhood. She wrote a celebrity blog post for Parenting about what the experience was like. From the birth of her son Cree Taylor Hardrict, to the joys of breastfeeding and the strengthening of her marriage, she gave wonderful insight into those first few weeks as a new mother that so many of us cherish.

What Can We Learn? Personalization is key. She did not speak in general terms, but wrote about her life in an intimate way that connects to the readers on a deeper level. She reminds all of us who have children of what it was like in the beginning, and brings back cherished memories.

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Guest Blogging Can Destroy Your Blog

Part of being a successful blogger calls for frequent blog updates.  In fact, a recent study stated that 2o+ posts a week is the optimal number to drive traffic. (I think this was according to HubSpot research)

That’s a lot of content.  And considering that bloggers usually have other jobs and commitments, it’s almost an unachievable number.

It’s no wonder that so many bloggers have embraced “guest blogging.” On the surface, the arrangement is a win-win for the writer and the publisher. The writer gets to build backlinks and their portfolio, while the blogger gets free content to beef up their blog.

But all of this “love” comes at a price. A steep price., a community which I am a proud member of, has been responsible for over 13,000 blog posts getting published. Wow!

Here’s my beef…

If the blog you own loses your voice, than what makes it special? What sets it apart?  What would motivate a reader to return?

People come back to their favorite blogs because of the writer’s and/or editor’s “special sauce.” This is the vibe that the written words create. It could be underlying snarkiness, or creative vision, or well-written prose.  Whatever the secret ingredient is, it’s likely YOU.  After all, that’s the only thing that sets you apart from the next blog. Don’t underestimate yourself –when it comes to blogs – people come back to read YOU. Techcrunch was better when it was more Michael Arrington. ProBlogger was better when it was all Darren Rowse, all of the time.  And what’s John Chow without John Chow?  Yes, these blogs do have an editorial voice – and many of the writers they publish adhere to a preconceived vibe – but what about smaller bloggers, writers who have access to fewer resources?   These are the blogs I’m concerned about. Because a cover band is never as good as the real thing.

Accepting guest blogs on a regular basis does not always make sense. Here’s why… Read More

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3 Guest Blogging Lessons (learned the hard way)

Less than 10. That’s how many click-throughs I received after writing several guest blog posts for a few well known blogs.

What a bust!

There are many benefits to guest blogging, and one that is often near the top of the list is generating traffic for YOUR blog/website.

I understand that there are many long-term benefits, but as a product of the ‘what have you done for me lately’ generation, I must say that I’m a bit bummed out.

I subscribe to the theory that guest bloggers must be patient, as the long-term effects of your efforts may not be revealed for the considerable future. So I celebrate the practice. But what would help cheer me up are your guest blogging “success” stories; raw data where you can unequivocally say that writing for blog X brought traffic to blog Y.

After reviewing WHY why my guest blogging efforts were lackluster, I discovered several issues… Read More

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