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5 Signs that Your Blog is Dying and How to Cure It the Simple Way

As blog owners, there are times when we are too overwhelmed by our blog’s physical appearance, especially if our blog has an impressive design, a good amount of traffic and followers, and good search engine rankings. Yet having these positive traits does not mean your blog is in good condition. Sometimes, these traits can be deceiving, too.
So how will you know if your blog is in a terrible condition?

Your traffic is in danger

According to blog experts, a continuous diminishing rate in traffic is the first sign of a weakening blog. Traffic downfall is just a normal occurrence on blogs, but having an unremitting or a month-long fall in numbers is a different story. They say that low traffic rate can be considered alarming when it remains static in a very low point (e.g., 40-60% lower than your average traffic) for a long period of time (e.g. 2-3 weeks). Read More

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Keeping It Real Online: Degrees of Blogging

Let’s see. You’ve got your following started, you’re blogging on a regular basis, and everything is going well…until it isn’t. Maybe real life intrudes and you find you don’t have the energy to keep up with the original pace you set. Or maybe you find yourself losing interest in your own blog. Or worst of all, your following stops growing. Sigh. What are you to do?

Whatever you do, don’t pull the plug. Drastic thinking may kick in during the holiday season, when you are pulled in a dozen directions at once. But don’t give up and don’t lose hope. There are ways you can keep it real online, degrees of blogging success that you can use to make sure that your blog stays fresh and relevant, so your following continues to grow, and most importantly, so that you continue to enjoy your own creation.

Offer Content That’s Valuable

Let’s start by looking at the content you post. You need to give your readers something of value to take away with them once they finish your article. What are you giving that’s of lasting value to your readers? If your audience knows that you always offer them something of value, they will continue to come back for more. It’s an ongoing attraction, because they want to see what you’ve got today and every day. Read More

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Better WordPress for Clients

A series of three free ebooks about using WordPress for your clients. The first deals with customising WordPress, removing branding and unnecessary fields, the second book looks at how you can pitch WordPress to your clients and the third books has an intensive look at the options to secure WordPress.

All three books are must haves for the WordPress fan and thinkerer.

Read the complete entry, inclusively an interview with Automattic employee Tammy White, here.

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4 Ways to Elicit Emotion From Blog Readers

Growing up in Queens, New York we didn’t have high school football.  There was no money for equipment and no desire to potentially fit a 16-year-old for a wheelchair.  Yet the television show Friday Night Lights, which is based around a high school football team in Texas, is one of my favorites.  The program has a magical way of transporting me back to high school.  From the awkward dating scenes to brawling with  parents, each episode gets my emotions percolating – a true testament to the show’s writers.

Wouldn’t it be neat if we could accomplish something similar with our blogs?  It’s not possible or necessary for every post, but before you hit that “publish” button, re-read your work and make sure you’re not missing an opportunity to tug on reader’s heartstrings.

Get Personal

Every blogger is faced with the choice of how much about themselves to reveal.  I always ask myself how will feel 10 years from now when a set of new people, folks I did not previously know, Google my name and come across a post I wrote.  Do I really want them to know about Problem X? However, the writers who are willing to bare all, are the ones who drum up an emotional connection with readers. Read More

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Bloggers, Do You Suffer From “Performance Anxiety”?

It happens to the best of us. We start our blogs with childlike enthusiasm, super geeked to have our own online “space” that is totally ours and where we can finally be heard and uncensored.

Let’s face it, in real life our words of wisdom often fall upon deaf ears. Our mates have us on “mute” buttons, our kids think we’re from a different world, and our families know too much about us to care.

But on line we can strut our stuff, be the divas we dare to be. We can even take on a whole new personality if we choose.

So you start this blog thing, and actually find that some folks are digging what you have to say. Okay, so maybe it’s just the creepy guy with stalker tendencies that lives in your building, and your Avon rep, but still, it’s somebody.
Because practice often makes perfect, you find that the more you blog the better you become. Then 2 “fans” become 5, 5 become 10, and 10 become 20. You hit your stride and then people start talking. Before you know it, you’ve actually built a little “following” along the way.

Then comes the pressure… Read More

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