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Coming Soon: Textpattern For iPhone?

After many months (if not years) of jealously watching their WordPress buddies update their blogs via iPhone, it looks like a Textpattern iOS app will finally emerge in the not so distant future.

i wrote a little iPhone App and an TXP-Plugin that allows you to upload images from your iPhone directly into yourTXP-Site.

You can shot a new foto or choose one from your phone.
I included from image tab: Image name, alt text, caption, category, caption, thumb with and height. (Offiicial Textpattern Forum)

The app is being created by Bastian Sackermann and unlike the webOS Textpattern app, the iOS version will be free for the masses. Read More

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WordPress For iOS Makes Photo Blogging Fun Again

After many months of waiting, WordPress has finally blessed iOS fans with features that have long been enjoyed by Android, Nokia and Blackberry fans.

While the inclusion of stats will please data geeks (which requires JetPack or the Stats plugin), photo bloggers will love quick photo which is even easier than Tumblr’s iPhone app.

As you launch the app, you’ll notice there’s now a button in the bottom of your blogs list. Tap it to launch the camera and take a picture, when you’re satisfied you can add a title or a description (if you want, both are optional), and boom — you’re done! (WordPress for iOS)

It takes only 4 quick taps (from launch to publish) to send a photo to your blog compared to Tumblr’s 6 taps (7 if you start within the dashboard).

For those of you with WordPress Tumblogs, you will be glad to hear that the team is also planning on supporting post formats in the future, although there is no time table as when that will appear (as WordPress has to implement a core patch in order correctly assign the image post format).

Hopefully WordPress will consider other media formats such as video, quotes and audio files (note: perhaps changing between them by sliding the “quick photo” button to the side?), as their mobile apps could help WordPress regain some lost ground against Tumblr.

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How Would You Improve WordPress For iOS Beyond Stats?

After releasing numerous bug fixes and redesigning the interface, WordPress iOS developers are about to add some extra life to the bare bones app.

The most important to-do in the 2.8 road map is Localization. WordPress for iOS will now become much more accessible for many users. 2.8 will also introduce a Stats view (finally!), a Quick Photo button, as well as a few more nifty improvements. (WordPress for iOS)

WordPress Stats is a feature that every other smartphone platform (even Nokia!) has long enjoyed save iOS fans, who had to rely upon a third party app to receive their WP stats fix.

While the next update will finally bake in stats, WordPress is still looking for a few more good ideas on how to improve the app further (probably beyond what has already been discussed).

One suggestion that has yet to be widely discussed would be for the iOS app to embrace post layouts for Tumbl themes using status, quotes, asides, links, etc., similar to what Express App does (minus the hacking or WooThemes requirement).

For those of you who enjoy blogging on the go, what extra features would you like to see integrated within the WordPress app?

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WordPress For iPhone Inherits A New Look

WordPress has released a new update to their universal iOS app which sports not only a slicker layout, but also seems to have resolved most of the bugs from the previous version.

Simply select the icons along the bottom of the post editor to edit post settings, view attachments and add media. You can also now upload multiple media objects at once!

‘Pull to refresh’ has been added to the list views of the app. To refresh the list, simply pull down until the arrow flips around and then release[.] (WordPress for iOS)

One of my favorite features is the ability to email commenters from within the app, which makes it easier to reply to readers privately without having to log into your blog via mobile Safari.

As a bonus WordPress has “magically” (to borrow a phrase from Steve Jobs) reduced the amount of time uploading videos to a blog, and has even made it easy to cancel videos uploading midway by tapping upon the clip.

Note: Bug resolved. See update below.

The only “critical” bug I discovered while using the app was the fact that WordPress seems to enjoy silencing my music (even upon third party apps like Pandora) whenever I launch WordPress for iOS. :-(

Music silencing aside, the latest update should resolve most of the issues for WordPress fans (especially those using “unlimited hosting” plans), and is available for free upon the app store.

Update: Apparently the bug (which was also replicated within other apps ironically) dissappeared after syncing my iPhone with iTunes.

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Posterous Makes Group Blogs Fun Again For Android, iPhone

The Posterous team have recently updated their iPhone and Android apps, which now allow users to create private groups without having to power up the notebook.

With today’s iPhone and Android releases, friends, family members and colleagues can now create and participate in a Posterous Group from their phone, the Web or via email without limitations.

And because every group deserves a home, each Posterous Group gets its own beautiful private web site. In other words, you can communicate with members entirely by mobile and email but your group’s memories are permanently archived and viewable on your group site. (Official Posterous Blog)

Posterous fans can add friends directly from their contact list, although unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be a way to add new members later on from within the app.

Users can also comment upon group blogs as well as like individual posts within the apps as well (two features which are sadly unavailable for regular Posterous blogs).

The only major bug that I discovered in iOS was when adding images from ones album, as Posterous does not show any images (note: is anyone else experiencing this?).

The latest update is available to Android and iPhone fans, and for those of you sporting a Blackberry device you may have to resort to email until Posterous launches an official app.

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WordPress For iPhone: What Features Would You Add?

After squashing various bugs that kept popping up within the iOS app, the WordPress team is preparing to launch the push notifications for comments (which is currently only available via a third party app).

While receiving alerts about users commenting upon your blog will make it easier for users to respond to readers while on the go, here are a few other features the team might consider adding within the next available update. Read More

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WordPress For iPhone: 7 Features Needed In The Upcoming App

With iOS4 (formally known as iPhone OS 4) about to immerse the cult known as iPhone this summer, the WordPress team is busy adding the final touches to their updated iPhone app, which will include video and stats.

However before Automattic (the company behind WordPress) releases the new iPhone app to the masses, they are seeking feedback from the WP community on what features they should add to improve their beloved mobile app.

We’re very close to releasing 2.5, which will include support for iOS 4 and addresses some long-standing issues including cut-and-paste on the iPad. We’ve also got a nifty new setup flow for users: If you’re creating a new blog the process has been simplified, and if you’ve got existing blogs we’ve made adding all of them a breeze. Read More

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Buzzie Adds Push Notification, Still Lacks Image Uploading (Google Buzz)

Buzzie, one of the two iPhone apps supporting Google Buzz (a micro blogging service that is slowly gaining popularity) has just launched push notification support for their app.

Similar to how other micro blogging apps like Echofon and SimplyTweet function, Buzzie will send a user an alert whenever they receive a new comment or “buzz” (the latter which I do not recommend if one has over a hundred followers).

While this addition makes the app much more useful than the Google Buzz web app, Buzzie is still lacking in image support, a feature its rival Buzzr has (thanks in part to TwitPic).

Hopefully Buzzie continues to launch new features for this app, as it has the potential of helping bloggers on Google Buzz reach a different type of audience than other types of micro blogging platforms (like Twitter and Tumblr).

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Bloggers Delight: 3 iPhone Apps For Google Buzz Fanatics

It’s now been exactly one month since Google launched Google Buzz upon the general population, and as expected the service has not exactly been a hit amongst the masses.

However, like its Friendfeed predecessor, Google Buzz is slowly becoming a hit amongst many in the tech blogosphere, and I’m beginning to see even art bloggers embrace Google Buzz (as they can easily display their albums to the delight of their fans).

For those of you who are more interested in using Google Buzz as a micro blogging service, here are 3 iPhone apps you may want to check out. Read More

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iPhone: BlogPress Embraces Facebook (Maintains Its Lead Against Rivals)

Perhaps one of the few multi-blogging iPhone apps still alive, BlogPress has recently added the ability to share posts immediately to Facebook, giving bloggers yet another way to easily reach the masses (or at least 400 million of them).

Even though bloggers could originally do this via the Facebook Note importer, Facebook unfortunately limits users to only importing one single blog.

Since BlogPress supports multiple blogs (across multiple platforms including WordPress, Movable Type and Blogger), bloggers can easily share their recent posts upon their Facebook wall from more than one blog, without having to use “work arounds” like Friendfeed.

Despite increased competition from companies releasing their own official apps (like WordPress and Squarespace), BlogPress continues to innovate itself by heavily embracing social networks such as Flickr, Twitter, YouTube–and now Facebook.

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