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WordPress iPhone App To Receive Stats, VideoPress And Push Notifications (Oh My!)

After Automattic showered Blackberry and Android lovers with some WP love, it looks as if iPhone fans may receive not only push notifications, but WordPress stats within the iPhone app as well.

(WordPress For iPhone) One of the most requested features for the WordPress iPhone app has been to include site statistics such as pageviews per post, referrals, and the like inside the app. In fact, according to this trac ticket from 17 months ago, it’s been something we’ve wanted to do for a very long time. […]

What I’d love to know is what would people like to see both data wise, and visually, from inside the WordPress for iPhone app – and if something like push notification for stats would be of interest ? [sic]

Having push notifications for stats would be awesome, enabling bloggers to respond to traffic spikes resulting from a breaking news article, a controversial post or (God forbid) a DDoS attack. Read More

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Family Feud: WordPress Vs WordPress (On The Blackberry, iPhone And Android)

After initially releasing WordPress 1.0 upon the iPhone many moons ago, Automattic seems to be spreading the love by creating WordPress Apps for Android lovers and Blackberry fans.

Although I am grateful for their latest update for the iPhone, it became apparent that not all WordPress Apps were created equal, with some mobile platforms receiving extra attention in the “feature department” than one notable other.

Whether this has to do with the nature of the app stores themselves (i.e. Apple’s aristocracy vs Google libertarianism) is unknown, although here is a brief chart comparing the apps against each other, which may make a few geeks “iJealous.” Read More

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WordPress Updates iPhone App (Makes A Million Spammers Cry)

Right on the heels of the launch of their Blackberry and Android brethren, it looks like iLovers have finally received several updates to the WordPress app–all of them dealing with comment moderation.

(WordPress for iPhone) I’m very excited about this new version which is focused on improved comment moderation including:

  • Reply to Comments
  • Edit Comments
  • Highlighting the new items in the comment list

We hope this release will make the comment experience on the go much more enjoyable and useful.

These latest features should make it easier for bloggers to not only weed out the trolls, flamers and spammers who make a living harassing others, but also help them engage with their vocal audience (which is a good idea if you want to maintain a loyal following). Read More

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Stat Geeks Take Note: 4 iPhone Apps To Analyze Blog Health

Have you ever tried to cook a steak without checking the time, temperature and (most importantly) the steak itself?

As silly as that sounds, the same is true when it comes to analyzing your blogs traffic and stats, which can provide invaluable feedback on the health of your blog.

For those fortunate enough to have an iPhone, here are four apps you should consider owning. Read More

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iFriendfeed With Freshfeed (And So Should You)

Before the Facebook acquisition last August, Friendfeed was known as an online haven for geeks, free of the tweet spam that has long infested Twitter.

Fast forward towards today and one will discover Friendfeed to be mostly vacant save for the presence of super geeks (like Scoble).

For those of you who still refuse to forsake Twitter’s former rival, you may want to check out Freshfeed, an iPhone app created by Read More

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iPhone: Seven (7) Must Have Photo Apps For Mobile Probloggers

If there is one thing that every blogging pro had in common, it would be the fact that all of them have an image or video alongside of every post that they write.

Although there are are plenty of video editing apps available on Steve Job’s favorite geek toy (after the iPad of course), users may be wondering which photo apps (out of the hundreds available) are worth their hard earned cash.

While many photo apps pretty much duplicate each other (whether it comes to cropping, hue effects, sharpening,searching, etc.) here are 7 from the app store that have really stood out from the rest. Read More

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Joomla Lovers May Have The Greatest iPhone App Ever

For the first time in my geek life, I am seriously tempted to switch away from WordPress, all because of one iPhone app.

Joomla Admin Mobile, an iPhone application created by Covert Apps empowers users belonging to the Joomla faith to not only edit pages and articles, but also add multiple images to them without throwing all of the images at the bottom of the post (like WordPress 2) or near the top (like Squarespace).

Priced at $9.99, Joomla Admin Mobile (or JAM for short) sells at a much higher premium than other Joomla apps, although JAM does offer a few features lacking from its rivals. Read More

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5 Video Blogging Apps For iPhone Lovers (And Android Freaks)

Last year I wrote a post lamenting about the lack of video blogging apps for the iPhone, especially after Apple launched the iPhone 3GS (not to mention allowing video apps for 2G and 3G iPhones).

Unfortunately the number of iPhone blogging apps embracing video has not improved since then, despite the fact that video editing apps are now appearing within Steve Job’s  backyard (read App store).

After a very long search upon the app store, I was able to locate several apps embracing video blogging (or as some call it, “vidblogging“), as well as a few for Android freaks (that I have discovered online). Read More

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When Will iDrupal Hit The App Store? (iPhone)

Question: How many geeks does it take to create a Drupal iPhone App?

Answer: Not enough.

iDrupal, an iPhone blogging app under development by Steve McKenzie and Zaheeren (from India) has been in “geek purgatory” for almost a year now, with no sign it will enter Steve Jobs playground any time soon.

Originally started by McKenzie out of the kindness of his heart (and wallet), iDrupal was able to receive a sponsor last October which gave some Drupal geeks hope that this app would be out soon.

A few months later and an elegant Drupal app has yet to hit the app store.

Unless McKenzie can work out his mad coding skills (and I have no doubt that he can), it looks like those of the Drupal faith may have to wait until spring before the app see’s the light of day (on the app store at least).

While iLovers can currently access Drupal via BlogPress, they are unable to upload images upon their own servers (forcing them to rely upon either Flickr or Picasa Web Albums).

Hopefully McKenzie’s iPhone app will be able to change all of that as Drupal’s lack of iPresence doesn’t help their image as a superior rival to WordPress.

(Image: Early screenshot of the upcoming iDrupal UI, Credit: Steve McKenzie)

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Is Android 2.1 Polished Enough For A Squarespace App?

After surviving Apple’s draconian app approval process last year, Squarespace was finally able to launch an official iPhone app for their users.

While the company is already making plans on unleashing the next update for the iPhone app (which will include comment moderation–just like their rival WordPress), the company is currently taking a “wait and see” approach when it comes to Android–despite the demand.

(Jeff from Squarespace) To those asking: We do not have plans for an Android app at this time — we’re waiting until the platform is a bit more polished before we jump in. Perhaps a bit later in 2010.

Jeff made these comments in December before Google launched Android 2.1 within the Nexus One.

Hopefully the Squarespace team reconsiders embracing Android sooner, as “Droid lovers” currently have no way to natively blog upon their various Google phones–not even via third party apps.

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