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Why We Don’t Worry About Every Scraper

Dart Board PictureContent scraping is a major issue nowadays and most sites are the victim of scraping. Even here at Splashpress Media many of our sites are duplicated across the web and sites such as The Blog Herald and BloggingPro are duplicated several times every day, often entries are scraped more than 20-30 times. Nevertheless we do not care ‘too much’ about this and have found an own, editorial, approach/policy to deal with the issue of content scraping.

Our own Jonathan Bailey, author of BloggingPro’s Blogging Pitfalls column, founder of Plagiarism Today and CEO of Copybyte, explains how we generally deal with plagiarism and content theft at Splashpress Media in a new entry on Jack of All Blogs.

The surprise for many is probably that in most cases we do not react at all, instead we have found a new way to turn MFA and content scraping sites into free advertising. Check Jonathan’s entry out over at JOAB.

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The Rebirth of Jack of All Blogs

Jack of All Blogs (JOAB) was one of the first blogs to put Splashpress Media, back then still named the Mr. Bloggy Network, in the spotlights. JOAB was a popular insidery gossip blog about all things blogging, a member of Emeritus Paul Scrivens‘ Fine Fools network, edited and written by David Krug, with Chris Pearson as the outsider contributing his snark.

JOAB was feared – feared because both authors knew what went on in the blogging gossip kitchen and had no remorse, hiding behind their pseudonyms which were only known by other insiders. Let’s be honest, Jack of All Blogs was over-rated and our network owner, Mark Saunders, probably paid way too much for this site – an error this admirable and honest man would repeat over the next five years with a sense of stubbornness worthy of everyone’s respect, until he diagnosed himself and admitted that blog shopping his guilty Sunday afternoon pleasure was. Jack of All Blogs was also the first site I made a paid appearance on and ever since then times were bound to change. I personally – and the landscape as well – would soon undergo a major transition, both for Mr. Bloggy and the blogging scene in general. Things were about to explode. Read More

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