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Supplemental Job Ideas for Bloggers

supplemental job ideas for bloggers
Blogging is not an easy scene to crack, although practically anyone can start a blog. The road to success is not clear cut, not to mention the fact that the definition of a successful blogger will differ depending on whom you ask. The truth of the matter is that a decent writer with common sense and a healthy dose of responsibility will be able to make some money blogging – maybe not always for himself alone – but the other side of the coin is that the money he earns may not be enough to pay all the bills and have something left over to do superfluous things.

So what is a blogger to do? The same as any other driven person: find alternative streams of income.

That may sound like bad news to some – having to find something to supplement their earnings from blogging – but there is good news, too: there are many ways by which a blogger can earn aside from his main activity. Here are some supplemental job ideas for bloggers. Read More

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Five Types of Freelance Writing Gigs

Freelance writing makes our lives easier. It gives us freedom, the ability to work when we want (sometimes) and the ability to express our voice through the word combinations we create with our sentences. The Internet has taken “our voice” to places we never thought possible and because of it our thoughts and words can now reach all the corners of the world. Read More

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New: BloggingPro Job Board, Free Blogger Jobs Listings

After many years of existence BloggingPro has become one of the major blogs in the blogging and blog software scene. Of course we plan to continue expanding our horizons and deliver you more blogging news and tips, but that is not all and we here at BP want to deliver our users even more.

In our continuing effort to offer more to our readers, I am happy to announce the addition of the BloggingPro Job Board to the site.

Free Blogger Job Listings

Jobs can be added in three different categories: blogger jobs, blog designers needed and developers needed. Read More

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How to Land a Blogging Job

Last week was pretty sweet.
I had been contacted by a marketing firm as a result of a call for bloggers that I responded to. I had made the initial cut.
You better believe I was pretty geeked to hear from them within 48 hours of applying.
Though I dig blogging about many themes and things, this assignment was “music to my ears.”

The 4-1-1?
I was to pen a piece (500 words or more) on one of several recording artists for a jazz blog. Can you believe it?
So there I was, in my home office, kicked back, with a glass of sweet herbal tea and some chocolate, (too early for a glass of Chablis), reviewing some hot tracks from CDS by musician Boney James! Thinking to myself… it doesn’t get much better than this.

I grooved, whistled while I worked, did some online research, then wrapped it up and invoiced the firm for thirty bucks.
When I later mentioned this gig to a fellow writer, she said, “You get paid for blogging?”
Apparently she didn’t get the memo: Bloggers can earn pay for their say. And you can too. Read More

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