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The Best Keyword Research Strategy to Help you Boost Online Traffic

keyword research strategy

A lot of website owners that are new to search engine optimization always seem to think that going for the most popular keywords is the best way to go. They will sit down and start researching which terms are used the most by their target audience, then start to create content that targets those phrases. If this is something that you currently do, then you might want to take a step back and consider your other options.

Each business will ultimately have different keyword research strategies that best benefits their company, but one thing is almost always used, they Choose keyword phrases that they are able to compete over. Read More

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How to Promote Your Website: Part one – Create Content

1It is easy to get overwhelmed just thinking how to promote your website effectively. Partly because you have to consider a thousand little details that all have to fall into place for this to work. So why don’t we put everything into perspective by focusing on 3 viable ways to promote your website that will always work.

The 3 things you will need to do is to know how best to create content, promote that content and then how to measure the results of everything you do. Read More

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Sunday Morning SEO: Long Tail Keyword Research With Google Analytics

One of the things SEO specialists often talk about is the power of long tail keywords. Long tail keywords are the search terms with 3 or more words that don’t have high search volume. The shorter keywords have higher search volume but in aggregate, the long tail keywords provide the bulk of a site’s search traffic.

For example, you can have a Europe travel site that ranks well for europe travel but the majority of your traffic will come from terms like:

  • europe travel deals
  • europe travel guide
  • europe travel packages
  • europe travel books
  • cheap europe travel

Read More

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