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5 Lessons for Bloggers from Dollar Shave Club

Dollar Shave Club LogoIf you have even flipped on a computer in the last 24-48 hours, there’s a good chance you’ve seen or heard about the new viral marketing video from Dollar Shave Club.

The video features Mike, the founder of the company, making a blunt but comedic pitch for his service, which sends fresh razor blades to customers in the mail every month. The video has become a massive hit, getting over 600,000 views since its launch two days ago and has been featured on a slew of major sites and blogs.

But even more than a great viral video, Dollar Shave Club is an excellent case study in marketing and in reaching an audience. However, the lessons aren’t just for competitors or other companies, but they can be used by anyone trying to market themselves online, including bloggers.

With that in mind, here are five good lessons every blogger can learn from the skyrocketing popularity of Dollar Shave Club. Read More

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5 Strange Lessons Bloggers Can Learn from Sports

Football ImageI’ll admit it. I’m not much of a sports fan. I can’t recall the last time I went to a sporting event live and the last time I watched a game of any sport all the way through on TV was about two years ago.

However, this doesn’t mean that sports don’t have a great deal to teach us about competition, cooperation and overcoming obstacles. The truth is that every match, game and event is a contest between talented competitors and the winner is determined by a variety of factors, many of which apply equally well to our every day struggles.

In that way, sports actually are a microcosm for life itself and there’s a lot we can learn from it. However, that doesn’t mean that all of the lessons are straightforward or even pleasant. After all, sports in real life are nothing like sports movies.

So what are those lessons? Here are five to consider as you work to grow or improve your blog. Read More

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7 WikiLeaks’ Lessons for Bloggers

WikiLeaks has learned from celebrities that any publicity is good publicity. Even bad publicity typically generates interest in your business, just as it does for a celebrity. So when your business needs a boost, just do something bad. Do something very bad, because the worse it is, the bigger the interest, the more the publicity, the higher your traffic rates.

The public loves a circus, a spectacle, a debacle even. As Martin Luther, the Protestant Christian reformer of the Church, said, “When you sin, sin big.” Of course he ended it with, “so that you may more easily be forgiven.” However, we could rephrase his statement as a creed for the blogger: When you screw things up, really mess them up big time, so that you may gain the undivided attention of the public. Read More

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Can All Bloggers Learn From Mommy Moguls?

Love ‘em or hate ‘em, mommy bloggers are the undisputed queens of the blogosphere. Their ability to network, market, monetize, and gain an enormous following is almost baffling. While many mommy blogs have turned into shameless, content-lacking promotional tools, there is no disputing the fact that they must be doing something right to get where some of them are now. Even if you find yourself slightly nauseated by the ubiquity of this particular blogging niche, you may be well-advised to put away your repugnance for a just a little bit and think about how we can all take a leaf out of their book. Here are a few considerations… Read More

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Lessons on Blogging From Lessons on Love

Not too long ago, I received a rejection letter from one of the top ranked blogs in the writing niche.

We’re talking about the “BMW” of blogs, folks!
I admit that I was confused and hugely disappointed when it arrived.

Mind you that this rejection was on the heels of an Email where they had initially given high praise for my work, and simply requested a few revisions.
“You write well” was what they wrote when they responded to my original submission.

In my mind, I followed their directions to the letter.
Heck, who wouldn’t, given the high level of exposure that a guest post on this site would bring?
Still, they sent me a “Dear John” letter.
We would have no future together.
(It’s kind of like the breakup that you never saw coming).
Can you “feel me” here? Ouch! Read More

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