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+1, Like or Send? Which Will be the Best Button for Bloggers?

Since Facebook launched their iconic “Like” button last year, they brought about the dawn of the modern social plugin. Visit most blogs and article sites and you will see a virtual minefield of buttons to social networks and bookmarking sites that offer you a myriad of ways to promote the author’s work to the world.

In 2011 both Google and Facebook have announced the imminent launch of a shiny new button that you can add to your website or blog that people can use to tell all of their friends about your site. In the Google corner we have +1, a button that is set to evolve into something that mirrors Facebook’s hugely successful Like button. In the Facebook corner we have another new button, “Send”, bringing in a standard button with which you can click and send a link to the website or blog to specific friends who will be interested in a particular subject.

Throw in all the other buttons for Twitter, as well as those for the likes of Reddit and Delicious and you could soon end up with more plugins that text. So what should you keep, what should you install and what should you ditch? Let’s take a look at all of the pretenders and see which plugins will be best for bloggers. Read More

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